Green Mountain Care Board Considers Health Insurance Premium Increases

Vermonters already have the fifth most expensive health insurance plans in the country, and now Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP have asked the Green Mountain Care Board to approve average premium increases of 9.8% and 15.4% respectively.

If these premium hikes are approved, Vermont Health Connect coverage options could be some of the most expensive in the country.  In fact, just  last year, Vermonters without financial assistance paid an average of $4000 to $7000 in premiums for their Vermont Health Connect coverage, and that does not include the costs of actually getting care.

Please take a minute and click here to tell the Green Mountain Care Board what you think about the proposed premium hikes. If you would like more information about the proposed premium hikes you can find explanations from the insurers, analysis by the Green Mountain Care Board’s actuaries, as well as all of the comments that have already been submitted below.

BCBS Plain Language Summary

GMCB Actuarial Analysis for BCBS

MVP Plain Language Summary

GMCB Actuarial Analysis for MVP

Comments submitted on 2015 Vermont Health Connect rates

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