GMOs are in your news!

Since last week, when the House Agriculture Committee passed H.112 for GMO-labeling with an 8-3 vote, GMOs have been a hot topic in Vermont news. As the movement continues to get more and more press, it’s important to make sure we hear from the people this bill affects …you! Read what they’re saying, then write a letter to the editor in response to make sure your voice is being heard, too.

This week we also heard some very exciting news on the national front. Whole Foods Markets announced that ALL genetically engineered products in their stores will be labeled by 2018. This is a win for consumers and it shows the growing power that grassroots campaigns like ours are having across the country.

Of course, not all news is good news. Last week, Governor Shumlin gave us his take on GMO labeling in Vermont. In response we heard loud and clear from a number of Vermonters that the Governor needs to support the legislature’s efforts to pass mandatory GMO labeling. Here are a couple of responses published last week.

It’s up to us to show Governor Shumlin that we can win this! Learn more about the case that’s confusing our legislators, then¬†send in a letter to the editor. It’s time for Vermont to take a stand against biotech bullying!

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