Final Vote on Montpelier District Heat

In August, the Montpelier City Council approved an initial leg of the District Heat project while getting bids for remaining connections, which would include Union Elementary School and City Hall.  Since then, city staff members are hard at work enlisting business customers needed to make this renewable heating project work even better. On Wednesday, November 28th, the City Council will decide how extensive a project to approve and need to hear from you right away!

MONTPELIER CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT MAP WITH CONTACTS: Two City Councilors, Anne Watson (District 2) and Angela Timpone (District 3), are already strong supporters of the full district heat project.  The four councilors listed on this map need to hear from their constituents! Make the call today!

We are calling for the City Council to approve district heat as planned, which includes connections to Union Elementary School and City Hall.  Here are a couple key reasons why:

  • The greatest benefit to taxpayers will be if Union Elementary School and City Hall, two of the greatest users of heating oil, are connected right away. With oil costs continuing to rise, switching fuels now will reduce risk of tax increases in the future.
  • Building the whole system will provide the greatest possible reduction in oil use (which is kind of the point).
  • Building the heating lines all the way to City Hall and Union Elementary will be far cheaper if it’s done next summer, along with the rest of the project, than if we decide to wait.

Here’s a list of resources for you to learn more about the project.

DISTRICT ENERGY PROJECT PAGE: View the City of Montpelier’s extensive list of documents and project milestones.

VIDEO: The August 22nd City Council meeting included an excellent project overview from Montpelier’s City Manager, discussion among the councilors and input from the audience.  You can also see firsthand how your councilors voted.  Council discussion begins at minute 47:00.  Public input begins at 1 hour 54 minutes.

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: View the slides from the City Manager’s August 22nd presentation.

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