Senator Sanders Climate Conference and Energy Independence Day Events Coming Up

“Global temperatures are warmer than at any time in at least 4,000 years.” With ‘mud season’ arriving even earlier this year, what may otherwise be shocking news in the New York Times Science page this week seems like another reminder that our climate is changing around us.

We’re already feeling the impacts of climate change.  Many of us are thinking more and more about the legacy that we will leave our kids and grandkids.  We understand that the magnitude of the problem we leave them will be determined by how swiftly and boldly we act.  Waiting will only make the problem bigger — the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work is right now!

And, there are two great opportunities coming up for you to get involved.

Saturday, March 16th, 10 am – 4 pm

  • Join Senator Bernie Sanders for a Climate Conference at Montpelier High School to learn how Vermont’s communities fit in to the picture on climate solutions. Learn more here!

Thursday, March 21st, 10:30 am – 4 pm (full day optional)

In Washington, Senator Sanders is facing off with the likes of climate change deniers and the fossil fuel industry.  Here in Vermont, our legislators don’t have much excuse to drag their feet.  As Bill McKibben (who will keynote Saturday’s climate conference) told our legislators just a few weeks ago – the issue on which we will all be judged 50 years hence is how quickly and how boldly we moved to address the greatest challenge humans have ever faced.

Our state legislators need to hear this message again – and they need to hear it from you.  That’s why next Thursday, March 21st – “Energy Independence Day” – I hope you’ll join us at the State House in Montpelier to help us lobby for real energy solutions.  Click here for more information and to register.

Whether you’re a long-time proponent of closing Vermont Yankee, a college student, a town energy leader, or simply a Vermonter concerned about climate, please join us to persuade legislators to act on the real energy solutions being proposed.  And, to celebrate the day, we invite you to the premiere of the Vermont Energy Independence Day crowd-sourced film at 4 pm.

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