Canvass Hits Stride In Fourth Week

Kicking off its 16th day, the 2017 Summer Canvass is in full swing! We have knocked on 8,322 doors in 12 towns across the state. We’ve collected 1,564 petition signatures and added 283 new VPIRG members to our grassroots movement. We’ve engaged with 3,288 Vermonters, 140 of which have expressed interest in joining our movement as community activists. Each day, more passionate and hardworking students join our Canvass team eager to make a difference. On May 1, we began with eight canvassers. Today, 51 canvassers will grab clipboards and head out to engage Vermonters about matters most pressing to everyday people. This week, some of our canvassers are camping in Sharon, Royalton, and Killington talking to people in all corners of the state! The larger our Canvass becomes, the more power Vermonters will have to make their voices heard and fight back against big business and special interests.

56 more days to go!

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