Build on Vermont’s Solar Success

Small-scale renewable energy is under attack in Vermont. Three utilities have stopped allowing Vermonters to go renewable and the state’s second largest utility has come out with a proposal that would make it far more expensive for its members to help build our clean energy future.1

This is just the latest sign of the threat facing solar power. The legislature will be taking up this issue as soon as they reconvene, and they’re already hearing from solar’s opponents. Legislators need to know Vermonters want them to expand solar, and that means they need to hear from you. Please take a quick minute to give your legislators a call right now—click here to find out how.

Solar’s success in Vermont is built on Vermont’s net metering law, which allows Vermonters to go renewable and offset their electric bills in return. Net metering works, which is a big part of why Vermont is 9th in the nation in installed solar power per capita, and solar is more affordable and easier to install than ever before.

We are at a critical point in building Vermont’s clean energy future. The State has set a goal of getting 90% of the energy we need from clean, renewable sources by 2050, and now some are trying to pull the rug out from under small-scale renewables.

Please take a minute to call your legislators and ask them to expand a law that has already helped thousands of Vermonters go solar.

We have an opportunity to move forward as a state towards a clean energy future, and Vermont utilities can and should play a key role in that shift. That’s why VPIRG is working with everyone involved to find a path forward that builds on our success.

Thank you for being part of the solution by taking action today.

1) Seven Days, 10/9/13

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