Advanced Clean Cars II & Advanced Clean Trucks Rules Would Expand EV Access

Transportation is the single largest contributor to climate pollution in Vermont, but it has been difficult for Vermonters to find the zero-emission vehicles that are necessary to meet our state’s climate goals. Fortunately, it is about to become a lot easier thanks to new rules that Vermont is poised to adopt this December.  

The Advanced Clean Cars II & Advanced Clean Trucks rules will require automakers to deliver more zero-emission electric vehicles to Vermont, with a requirement that all new cars auto manufacturers sell in Vermont be electric vehicles or other zero-emission vehicles by 2035, and far more new medium and heavy-duty vehicles that meet that standard as well. Recently, California regulators announced the adoption of the same rules that would end the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035, paving the way under federal law for Vermont and more than a dozen other states to join them. This is a crucial step in pushing us towards a zero-emission future. Read more about ACC II and upcoming actions in our recently published joint op-ed.  

Unfortunately, the passage of these rules is not a sure thing. Powerful trucking and fossil fuel interests are lining up to oppose their adoption and we need voices like yours to make sure that we clear this milestone. Can you join us at one of the in-person hearings and submit your comments to make sure these critical rules get passed?

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