Action Needed: California’s GMO Labeling Measure Too Close to Call

If California passes Proposition 37 this November, not only will all GMO foods sold in California need to be labeled, but we will be taking a big step forward in making sure all Americans know what’s in their food. However, this is the last thing corporations like Monsanto and Pepsi want to see. These industrial food giants are so frightened to tell consumers what’s in their food that they have teamed up with their powerful allies to launch a $35 million dollar deceptive and dishonest ad campaign on California’s airwaves.

Unfortunately, this smear campaign is working. Over the last few weeks, the endless avalanche of negative ads has made this race neck and neck. With a slim lead going into the last two weeks before Election Day, California needs all the help it can get. All our friends in California are asking is for you to make a few phone calls.

Stand up for our right to know!

What happens in California will have a profound effect on the rest of the country. We need your help to make sure that Monsanto and the packaged food industry can’t buy their way out of letting the American people make informed purchasing decisions. We are excited and prepared to keep fighting for GMO labeling here in Vermont regardless of what happens in California, but if we want to see meaningful change in this country, we also have to look beyond our borders.

Please take the time and help make sure we all have the right to know.

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