Just hours left to protect kids from toxics!

With less than 48 hours left to pass a bill that will protect kids from dangerous toxins in children’s products, we need your help RIGHT NOW to pass this bill!

The legislative session ends on Saturday, and right now it looks like the Toxic-Free Families Act could run out of time. We need just one more vote in the Senate to send this bill (S.239) to the Governor’s desk. Most senators support it, but unless they demand a vote, time will run out and the chance to protect kids from toxics will be lost.

Please ask your senator(s) to support the Toxic-Free Families Act NOW!

This sensible bill has already received overwhelming support in both the House and Senate. It’s about protecting kids from toxics after all. But industry lobbyists are doing everything they can to kill the bill.

We can’t let it fail just because time ran out. Please contact your senator(s) immediately to let them know you support this bill. We literally have no time to waste.

S.239 will do 3 simple things:

  1. Establish a list of dangerous toxins still used in products,
  2. Require businesses that sell children’s products containing one or more of those chemicals to report to the state and pay a small fee, and most importantly,
  3. It will give the experts at the Health Department the authority to regulate the toxins on the list that are used in children’s products.

Please take just a moment to send an email to your senator(s) letting them know their business is not done until they pass S.239.

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