VPIRG’s lawyer on the VY case and how you can help him

As this phase of Public Service Board (PSB) hearings on Vermont Yankee wrapped up last week, 7 Days ran a great article on Jim Dumont, VPIRG’s lawyer on the case. Here’s a quick excerpt to give you a sense of who we’ve got fighting the good fight against Entergy at the PSB:

Dumont’s doggedness and meticulous preparation were on display at a Public Service Board hearing last week, where he was representing the Vermont Public Interest Research Group in its attempt to scuttle Vermont Yankee’s petition for a 20-year license extension. Though he never raised his voice, Dumont relentlessly grilled John Herron, Entergy’s chief nuclear officer. The attorney questioned Herron on Entergy’s false statements to regulators concerning the nuke plant’s underground piping carrying radioactive material — untruths that Herron characterized as “miscommunication.”

“Is there a difference to you between miscommunication and providing inaccurate information?” Dumont asked Herron at one point.

The witness waited at least 10 seconds before answering, “I think you’re right. It might have been better worded … Something was missed in our process.”

We’ve had enough of Entergy’s lies and leaks, and that’s why VPIRG is continuing to fight to make sure the plant is shuttered for good. Right now, we feel our best chance rests with the case currently pending before the PSB. It’s a time-consuming technical battle right now making the case of why they should deny Entergy the Certificate of Public Good it needs to continue operating Vermont Yankee. With Jim’s help — and yours — we can get the job done. Here are a few things you can do right now to help us win:


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