2013 Health Care Legislative Preview

Health Care for All, and Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

For years, Vermont has been a leader in making health care accessible and affordable.  Our long term goal is a single payer model that will control costs while providing high quality care for every Vermonter.  As a critical first step, this year Vermont will begin implementing provisions of the federal health care reform act by running a statewide, virtual marketplace so Vermonters can make their own apples-to-apples comparisons of health care plans before purchasing insurance.

As we implement the Exchange, we want to make sure those people who currently rely on the state’s VHAP and Catamount programs don’t fall through the cracks.  We also want to make sure that Vermont stays on track for the more fundamental reforms that will come after the Exchange.  We expect special interests in the health care industry to try to derail our efforts and VPIRG stands ready to counter such attacks.

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It’s Time for VT’s Dental Check-up

Cost is the reason that 70,000 adults in Vermont go without the dental attention they need each year.

So along with our partners at Vermont Oral Health Care for All, VPIRG is helping to create and promote programs that will boost the number of dental practitioners in-state.  By making it easier to receive care from dental practitioners – dental professionals whose training is more extensive than that of dental hygienists, but less extensive than dentists – Vermont can solve the cost problem that prevents so many Vermonters from receiving dental care without compromising quality.

VPIRG is Your Rate Watchdog

VPIRG knows your health care premium dollars are precious.  To make sure they’re going to pay for care—and not just footing the bill for your health insurer’s excessive administrative costs—VPIRG has been keeping a close eye on attempts to raise your rates.  By following the money and getting your voice heard, VPIRG will continue working to keep insurers honest, especially when they’re looking to hike your premiums.

Want to keep tabs on your health insurance company and any rate hikes on the horizon?

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