Protecting the natural environment that is so central to our ecosystem, economy, and Vermont way of life.

VPIRG believes that Vermont should break from a cradle-to-grave approach where products are made, consumed, and discarded and instead embrace an ambitious “zero waste” program that strives to eliminate waste, rather than simply manage it.

Manufacturers need to be held accountable for putting their products into our environment, and VPIRG is committed to ensuring they do as little damage as possible to the natural landscape we all love so much.

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Recent Zero Waste News & Updates

Vermont Says NO To Single-Use Plastics

We’re excited to announce that Vermont just enacted the best single-use plastics law in the nation! VPIRG has been leading the charge for bold legislation to address plastic pollution, and now Governor Phil Scott has responded by signing S.113, which represents the toughest anti-plastics legislation yet on the statewide level. S.113 bans troublesome plastic carryout bags and ...

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Activists and Legislative Champions Urge Governor to Sign Ban on Single-Use Plastic Pollution

Last month, Vermont legislators passed the most far-reaching statewide legislation in the nation to address the problem of single-use plastic pollution. Today, legislative champions of that bill joined with advocacy groups to urge Gov. Phil Scott to sign the legislation. The bill (S.113), had overwhelming support in both the Senate (30-0) and the House (120-24). It ...

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2019 VPIRG Summer Canvass Under Way

The canvass is off to an exciting start! Our team is growing rapidly, reaching more doorsteps and members each day. We have been knocking on doors in Essex, Randolph, Vergennes, Panton, Waltham, New Haven, Marshfield, and Plainfield, talking to Vermonters about our campaign to stop single use plastics. In the first three weeks of canvassing, over ...

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Single-use plastics ban advances in House

The House gave final approval on Friday to legislation addressing the problem of single-use plastic pollution in Vermont, this came after an initial vote of 124-20 on S. 113. The bill would institute a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags and polystyrene cups, plates and other food service products, and would require restaurants to adopt ...

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Senate Approves Bill to Deal With Single-Use Plastic Pollution

The Senate has given final approval on a 30-0 vote to S.113 – legislation to address the problem of plastic pollution in Vermont. The Senate had previously given initial approval to the bill on a 27-3 vote. Though this is just the first step toward stopping the problem, if passed into law, S.113 would be ...

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VPIRG: This Mardi Gras season, beware the toxic beads

Montpelier, VT — The Vermont Public Interest Research Group issued a warning today for all those who may be interested in celebrating Mardi Gras with necklaces of cheap plastic beads. The group’s advice? Don’t do it. Or at a minimum, take precautions to minimize toxic threats. Citing past research by the Ecology Center and VerdiGras, VPIRG ...

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Montpelier approves measure to tackle plastics

In Montpelier on Election Day 2018, citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of Article 4, marking the first major step in the fight against plastic pollution in Vermont’s capital city. The measure was an official charter change that would grant the City Council of Montpelier an additional power to regulate the distribution of single-use plastic products ...

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