Ensuring all Vermonters have access to quality, affordable health care.

Right now, twenty cents of every dollar we spend goes to pay for health care costs, and a third of all Vermonters either can’t afford their health insurance, or they have no insurance at all. We need to fix our broken system by driving down the costs, and engaging the public in important decisions around our state’s health care future. Our job is to ensure that the voice of average Vermonters is heard as we fight to create system that is fair, affordable and ensures everyone has access to the quality care they need.

Recent Health Care News & Updates

Oral Health Care for All coalition calls for expanded dental workforce

VPIRG joined a broad coalition of lawmakers and organizations at the State House today to promote public health, celebrate Oral Health Week and voice their support for legislation (S.20) that would expand Vermont’s dental workforce. S.20 would let licensed dental hygienists receive advanced training and become certified as “dental therapists.” These dental therapists could provide routine restorative and ...

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It’s Oral Health Week!

VPIRG and the Vermont Oral Health Care for All coalition are hosting an “Oral Health Week of Action” – a whole week dedicated to highlighting our campaign to increase dental access in Vermont. We’re advocating for S.20, a bill that would allow mid-level dental providers (dental therapists) to practice in Vermont. The bill passed the Senate last ...

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2016 Legislative Preview

The 2016 Vermont legislative session is here! VPIRG is excited to build on the nearly 45 years of success that we have achieved together and continue working in the State House to protect our environment, watch out for consumers and put Vermont on a path to a sustainable future. Click on a program name below to jump ...

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NPR features our dental access campaign

Marketplace just came out with a great story explaining the dental access crisis in Vermont and the proven potential of dental therapy to improve oral health care in the state. It’s pretty exciting to be getting national coverage on such a critical issue, especially as we inch closer to the 2016 legislative session. Speaking with students and ...

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National Action Expands Dental Care and Occupational Opportunities

Access to oral health care received a boost recently, after the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) voted to set national standards and accreditation processes of dental therapy education programs. As VPIRG and the Vermont Oral Health Care For All Coalition gear up to bring S.20- a bill that allows dental therapists to practice in Vermont– to ...

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Court Reaffirms Affordable Care Act as the Law of the Land

Last week the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision in King v. Burwell that further codified the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as the law of the land. At stake in this case was if states that chose not to operate their own insurance marketplaces would be able to provide insurance subsidies to low and middle ...

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2015 Legislative Accomplishments

VPIRG was able to pass substantial legislation in the first half of the 2015-2016 legislative biennium and lay the groundwork for even more gains next year. We cracked through on long overdue reforms to our electoral system – including a vigorous new lobbyist disclosure law and the institution of Election Day voter registration. We ushered ...

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