It’s time to end our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and replace them with conservation, efficiency and clean energy.

For over three years, VPIRG has been working in a large coalition of organizations, businesses, and individual Vermonters to push for climate action that benefits our local economy. That coalition, which aims to put a price on carbon pollution in Vermont, is known as Energy Independent Vermont. To learn more about this effort, please visit the Energy Independent Vermont website.

Recent Global Warming News & Updates

Old vehicle emissions: Fix them, don’t exempt them

The Transportation bill being debated in the VT legislature creates a program to help Vermonters who are low income repair cars’ emissions control systems, keeping pollution out of our air. Unfortunately, it also lets cars that fail emissions tests off the hook as long as they’re 15 years old or older, allowing them to pollute ...

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Students Rally for Climate Action at State House

Hundreds of students from across Vermont gathered on the State House lawn on Wednesday for the fourth annual Rally For The Planet, organized by the Vermont Youth Lobby. This year’s event offered a rousing call to action, as Vermonters of all ages came together to demand meaningful action on climate change from state leaders. The importance ...

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VT Groups Unveil Shared Priorities for Climate Action in 2019

On Wednesday, VPIRG joined with a coalition of 25 groups from around Vermont — representing youth, low-income, business, public health, environment and others — to announce a shared platform for Climate Action, detailing our shared policy goals for the 2019 session. In a press event at the Vermont State House Wednesday, the coalition urged action on ...

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Plea for VT Leaders to Act on Climate

A major new scientific report issued by 13 federal agencies on Black Friday serves as a dire warning about the ways in which climate change threatens the United States – now and in the future. The National Climate Assessment comes out every four years, but this is by far the most detailed look yet at ...

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VT Candidates Take No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

Now more than ever, Vermonters need elected officials who are willing to take bold action towards reducing our dependence on dirty energy and fossil fuels. Despite broad consensus that we must transition away from dirty fossil fuels, Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. From reduced snowfall, to extreme weather events and increased energy costs, ...

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More Candidates Signing Fossil Fuel Pledge

Across the country and here in Vermont, candidates are being asked to reject campaign contributions from the gas, oil and coal industries. And it’s working. Already, 100+ Vermont candidates who will be on the ballot in November have stepped up to take the pledge. Check out the full list of signers! There’s no question it’s time to ...

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