It’s time to end our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and replace them with conservation, efficiency and clean energy.

For over three years, VPIRG has been working in a large coalition of organizations, businesses, and individual Vermonters to push for climate action that benefits our local economy. That coalition, which aims to put a price on carbon pollution in Vermont, is known as Energy Independent Vermont. To learn more about this effort, please visit the Energy Independent Vermont website.

Recent Global Warming News & Updates

A Tale of Two Vermonts

This is the tale of two different Vermonts – one of which you’ve likely heard of, and one of which you may not have. The first Vermont is the one that’s repeatedly been named the “greenest” state in the U.S. The quality of our environment, our actions to protect it, and the work we’ve done on ...

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Governor Scott Signs Hydrofluorocarbons Bill Into Law

This week Governor Scott signed into law a bill (S. 30) which sets a schedule for phasing out the use of Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, statewide. HFCs are an entirely man-made class of chemicals used primarily for cooling and refrigeration. Though originally introduced as an alternative to ozone-depleting substances, HFCs are powerful greenhouse gases that contribute to ...

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Governor Signs Weatherization Bill Into Law

Weatherizing Vermont’s old housing stock is an essential element of any plan to address our state’s rising greenhouse gas emissions. But the benefits of weatherization extend beyond curbing carbon emissions – other perks include the potential for decreased energy bills, improved health, and more investment in Vermont’s economy. Since heating accounts for a sizable portion of ...

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Old vehicle emissions: Fix them, don’t exempt them

The Transportation bill being debated in the VT legislature creates a program to help Vermonters who are low income repair cars’ emissions control systems, keeping pollution out of our air. Unfortunately, it also lets cars that fail emissions tests off the hook as long as they’re 15 years old or older, allowing them to pollute ...

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Students Rally for Climate Action at State House

Hundreds of students from across Vermont gathered on the State House lawn on Wednesday for the fourth annual Rally For The Planet, organized by the Vermont Youth Lobby. This year’s event offered a rousing call to action, as Vermonters of all ages came together to demand meaningful action on climate change from state leaders. The importance ...

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VT Groups Unveil Shared Priorities for Climate Action in 2019

On Wednesday, VPIRG joined with a coalition of 25 groups from around Vermont — representing youth, low-income, business, public health, environment and others — to announce a shared platform for Climate Action, detailing our shared policy goals for the 2019 session. In a press event at the Vermont State House Wednesday, the coalition urged action on ...

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