It’s time to end our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and replace them with conservation, efficiency and clean energy.

Our plan will help Vermonters save money, create good-paying jobs, and slash climate and air pollution. Here’s how:

    Create a statewide Energy Independence Fund so that more Vermonters can take advantage of energy solutions that save money and cut carbon pollution.
    Put an end to fossil fuel companies’ practice of using our atmosphere as their dumping ground for free. Instead, oil and gas companies should pay a tax based on the global warming impact of their pollution.
    Holding polluters financially accountable means massive tax cuts for s that Vermonters and Vermont businesses, and additional rebates for low-income Vermonters.

Useful Info About Our Plan to Put a Price on Carbon Pollution:

REMI Study [Download PDF]
Full report of the carbon pollution price policy study conducted by Regional Economic Models, Inc.

REMI Powerpoint [Download PDF]
Slideshow rundown of the Regional Economic Models, Inc. study

Economic Explainer [Download PDF]
Learn about the economic benefits of putting a price on carbon pollution

British Columbia Study [Download PDF]
Canadian non-profit Sustainable Prosperity’s results from their study on the first five years of British Columbia’s carbon pollutuion pricing program.

Recent Global Warming News & Updates

The governor isn’t listening …

When he was running for governor, Phil Scott made a point of saying that “Listening is more important than talking; and actions speak louder than words.” He added that “By genuinely listening to Vermonters, I have found that constituents have the best ideas…”1 But in a social media post last week, Gov. Scott summarily dismissed the ...

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Climate Solutions Summit mobilizes hundreds

On November 19th, nearly 200 Vermonters from all across the state gathered at Main Street Landing in Burlington to push for action to address global warming in the upcoming legislative session. The “Climate Solutions Summit,” – which VPIRG co-hosted with our coalition partners at Energy Independent Vermont – included a variety of panels and workshops designed ...

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Highlights from a busy spring

It’s been a crazy few months here at VPIRG, with our advocates have been hard at work in the State House day after day and our team of field organizers doing an incredible job hitting the phones, organizing events, meeting with activists, and having the face-to-face conversations that truly drive our work. Here are just a ...

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Hundreds of Students Rally for Climate Action

On a cool, sunny Thursday at the end of April—over 500 students from across the state marched from the Vermont College green and through town to the Statehouse Lawn as part of the largest youth climate rally in Vermont history. As they marched, the students chanted “no more coal, no more oil, keep the carbon in ...

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2016 Legislative Preview

The 2016 Vermont legislative session is here! VPIRG is excited to build on the nearly 45 years of success that we have achieved together and continue working in the State House to protect our environment, watch out for consumers and put Vermont on a path to a sustainable future. Click on a program name below to jump ...

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Paul Burns & Jon Erickson Debate Climate Solutions with Ethan Allen Institute

VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns and UVM professor and Gund Institute economist Jon Erickson made the case for pricing carbon pollution in a debate against opponents from the climate-change-denying Ethan Allen Institute Thursday night in Montpelier. Burns and Erickson went back and forth with the Ethan Allen Institute’s Rob Roper and John McClaughry over whether Vermont ...

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VPIRG’s Paul Burns to Debate VT Fuel Dealers Lobbyist on VPR Today!

VPIRG’s Paul Burns will debate Matt Cota, Lobbyist for the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, today at noon on VPR’s Vermont Edition. Time to get the facts straight! Vermonters deserve to hear an honest and open debate about climate change and the opportunities we have to do something about it including putting a tax on carbon pollution. They ...

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