Back to the State House: Vermont Continues the Fight to Label GMO Foods

Vermont’s grassroots effort to pass the nation’s first law requiring labeling of foods made with genetically engineered ingredients (also known as GMOs or genetically modified organisms) is picking up where it left off when the Vermont Legislature adjourned in May. When the new Legislature convenes in early January, GMO labeling legislation will again be introduced with the sponsorship of a number of Vermont legislators. Last year the Vermont Right to Know GMO Coalition helped rally thousands of Vermonters whose strong messages of support were plainly heard by their elected representatives in Montpelier.  This year we will build off of this momentum and work to make Vermont the first state in the nation to require labels on genetically engineered foods.

We know that this is not going to be easy. We will be taking on the same chemical and food companies that were able to spend a million dollars a day to fight against consumer’s right to know in California, and we know they will be pulling out all the stops to make sure Vermont does not pass labeling legislation. To make our vision a reality we will need your help in convincing our legislators that we have a right to protect our health and the environment by making informed purchasing decisions.  Please take a minute and sign the Coalition’s petition to receive updates and alerts during the legislative session. If you have already signed that is great! You can expect to hear from us in the coming days about what you can do to help the campaign.

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