A Week in the Life of A Labeling Bill

Excitement around H.112 has been building again this week!  Not only are we in the middle of a series of fantastic events, but the GMO Labeling bill will again be the topic of discussion in the state house! The Senate Judiciary committee will be hearing testimony from expert witnesses this Wednesday and Friday. Testimony is scheduled to begin on Wednesday morning, and will focus on the constitutionality of, and the legal issues surrounding, H.112. Discussion in committee will continue on Friday morning. If anyone is interested in coming to the state house to observe the testimony (they won’t be taking public comment this time around), the full committee schedule can be found here — remember to double check before leaving to make sure the schedule hasn’t changed!

In other news, the film screenings and workshops being held around the state have been great! Thanks to everyone who came out — we’ve already shown the film to well over 200 people and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. If you haven’t already attended, we encourage you to come out to film screenings in St. Johnsbury (tonight!), Middlebury and Woodstock this week, and a GMO workshop scheduled for BrattleboroClick here to find the times and locations of these events, and remember to spread the word to friends and family living in those areas!

Looking for another way to get involved? Right now, the most important thing everyone can do is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. This is great way to create a dialogue with your neighbors, as well as to publicly support the bill and show our legislators that their constituents care about this issue. Want help drafting your letter, or need to know where to send it? Click here to find some tips, talking points, and guidelines on how to submit your letter to various papers around the state. When you decide to submit, let us know by emailing eliza@vpirg.org! Thanks so much for your help!

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