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From fighting against misleading food labeling and abusive credit card fees to advocating for an internet that is accessible, fair, and secure for all Vermonters, VPIRG is dedicated to pushing for laws and regulations that better protect the consumer and ensure that Vermont is a desirable, safe, and economically vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family. .

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Recent Consumer Protection News

Affordable for whom? The High Cost of Gov. Scott’s “Say No” Agenda

Last month, Governor Phil Scott sent a letter to legislative leaders outlining his opposition to several bills on the basis that these bills would impose new taxes or fees or somehow impose new costs on Vermonters. In his letter, the governor did not elaborate on what any of these bills would actually do. And based on ...

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Bill to regulate data brokers passes the House!

Last week, the House advanced H.764, a first-in-the-nation bill to regulate data brokers in Vermont. This is an important step to give Vermonters better protections and more control when it comes to their sensitive information. Last summer’s Equifax data breach — where the personal information of over 140 million Americans was exposed, including hundreds of thousands ...

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After Equifax: VPIRG Calls for Data Privacy Protections

The following are comments submitted by VPIRG at the public hearing of the Vermont House Commerce and Economic Development Committee responding to the Equifax Data Breach and other data privacy related concerns: Good evening. I’m Zachary Tomanelli – the Communications and Technology Director for the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, VPIRG, the state’s largest environmental and ...

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Gov. Scott Signs Retirement Security Bill

In front of a large crowd on Thursday at the Northern Stage theater in White River Junction, Governor Scott signed into law S.135, a bill that creates a state-administered retirement program. As part of a larger economic development bill that supports rural and downtown development, Section C of the legislation authorizes the Treasurer’s Office to implement the ...

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FAQs For the current status of H.196, read more here.   1. What is Family and Medical Leave Insurance? Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FaMLI) is an insurance program that allows employees to take longer-term paid leave to bond with or care for a new child, an ill or injured family member, or to recover from a serious long-term illness or ...

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Public Retirement Plan Passes the House!

Vermont is moving forward with expanding access to quality retirement savings options for employees of smaller businesses. The House voted overwhelmingly in favor of S.135, an economic omnibus bill that included the public retirement plan. The bill passed the Senate in early April, and is now in Conference Committee awaiting final approval before it heads to ...

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House Approves Paid Family Leave!

The paid family leave insurance proposal, H.196, has been approved by the Vermont House! After hours of debate, representatives acted to advance the bill to the Senate by a vote of 88-58, where it will likely be taken up next year. Despite being significantly weakened throughout the committee process, H.196 still provides an important benefit not ...

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