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Fighting the climate crisis, repowering Vermont, and saving Vermonters money with local, green energy solutions.

VPIRG is one of Vermont’s leading advocacy groups when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. Our strength comes from the thousands of Vermonters who have chosen to stand up for our future over the years, from establishing Efficiency Vermont, the first-of-its-kind energy efficiency utility in 1999, to banning fracking in 2012, retiring Vermont Yankee in 2014 after decades of organizing, and passing the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2020. 

Today, our Climate & Energy work is driven by the understanding that we must fully decarbonize both Vermont and the nation, and that everyone deserves access to clean and affordable energy and transportation. Breaking down barriers contributing to rural, BIPOC, and low-income communities being left behind in this transition is a core part of our efforts. 

We must move to modernize Vermont’s transportation system, making investments that will save Vermonters money while making reliable transportation options more accessible and cutting carbon pollution at the same time. We also need to harness the resources and strength of our energy efficiency utilities, expanding their work on efficiency and electrification. And we must continue to expand our in-state renewable energy portfolio in order to reduce our carbon footprint, create jobs for Vermonters, and keep our energy dollars circulating in our own economy.

Recent Climate & Energy News

33 groups support EJ bill

VPIRG organized 32 groups — including organizations working to end poverty, promote racial and social justice, protect our environment, and make our communities more vibrant …
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Transportation Innovation Act Webinar

Missed the TIA webinar? Check out the recording below, and don\’t forget to sign the \”Thank You\” petition, thanking the 60 cosponsors of the Transportation …
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Acting on Environmental Justice

Every Vermonter deserves access to a healthy environment that can help provide for a fulfilling life – whether that\’s in the form of clean affordable …
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VT Climate Action Plan Released

Today, the Vermont Climate Council adopted the state\’s first-ever Climate Action Plan to meet statutorily required climate pollution reduction targets – a big step towards …
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