Gov. Shumlin Signs Net Metering Bill

Governor Shumlin signed H.702 – a bill that updates the state’s net metering program – into law this morning.  Net metering allows Vermonters to go renewable and offset their electric bills in return.

At a time when many DC politicians are sticking their fingers in their ears in hopes that not hearing or accepting bad news will make it go away, in Vermont we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting things done. Coming just days after the IPCC’s release of its most dire warning yet on the impacts of climate change, Vermont’s passage of one of the nation’s strongest net metering laws is a ray of hope. While we have more work to do, this law is a good next step.

Thousands of Vermonters have already gone solar, and this law will allow thousands more, of all walks of life, to be part of building a clean energy legacy for our state. Making it easy for Vermonters to go renewable isn’t just about Vermont families, farmers and businesses saving money, and it’s not just about creating hundreds of jobs – it’s about doing the responsible thing and creating a better future for all Vermonters.

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