Our members are our foundation.

VPIRG doesn’t have a lot of members because we win… We win because we have a lot of members!

Having 50,000 VPIRG members and supporters makes it possible for us to protect the public interest whenever it’s at risk from the undue influence of well-moneyed, powerful special interests. Individual Vermonters who join as members are the source of our legitimacy, the majority of our funding, and most importantly, our political power. That’s why every year we commit to knocking on thousands of doors across the state to talk with Vermonters about issues that impact us all. Because of the resonance of our work and the effectiveness of our campaigns, we are now the largest grassroots nonprofit dedicated to protecting the public interest, with members in every single town in Vermont. Thank you for your support!

Public Interest Partners

MONTHLY GIVING TO SUPPORT VPIRG: Public Interest Partners are committed members who make a convenient, automatic monthly gift that ensures their support will have the greatest impact on our work.

As a Public Interest Partner, your support will go even further because of low/no processing costs for your monthly gifts. This means even more of your support will go directly to our campaigns! As a Public Interest Partner you won’t have to worry about mailing your gift or renewing your membership because your donation will be automatically deducted each month. You can change or stop your giving at any time by contacting our membership coordinator at meg@vpirg.org or by calling (802) 223-5221 Ext. 14.

SIGN UP TODAY AS A PUBLIC INTEREST PARTNER: You choose the amount to donate each month (minimum $10) and whether to make your gift through your checking or savings account. This is the best way to make your gift because we pay no processing fees. You can also use your credit card.

david-pic1-150x200“I give to VPIRG because they do the kind of research, analysis and education that consistently puts the public good front and foremost. No other organization casts as wide a safety net for our citizens on issues ranging from the environment to safe food and energy. As a VPIRG Public Interest Partner I support their work easily and painlessly by making a safe automatic electronic donation each month.”

Questions about the Public Interest Partners Program?

Contact Meg Root, VPIRG Membership Coordinator
(802) 223-5221 ext.14

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