2022 Mock Ranked Choice Voting Primary Election

2022 Mock Ranked Choice Voting Primary Election

Voting is open in our 2022 Mock Ranked Choice Voting U.S. House & Senate Primary!

Just like in the real primary, voters can choose between either the Republican Party ballot or the Democratic Party ballot and cast their votes for the nominees for U.S. House and Senate.

But in our mock election, instead of simply choosing one candidate for each office, voters will have the opportunity to rank their choices. And we’ll be determining the winners using Ranked Choice Voting.

Why? Because VPIRG believes Ranked Choice Voting is a voting reform that will improve our democracy.

RCV allows voters to choose candidates that reflect their values without fear that their preferred candidate might play a “spoiler” role.

This leads to elections with less negative campaigning, more choices, more diverse candidates, and winners that better reflect the will of a majority of voters. Learn more about RCV and our campaign to bring this reform to Vermont elections at BetterBallotVermont.org

Ready to vote? Use the buttons below to choose your ballot and follow the instructions to cast your vote.

Some content blockers may block the embedded ballots. You can also vote in these mock primaries by going to these links:

Mock Republican Primary: https://app.rankedvote.co/elections/20544/Mock-VT-Republican-Primary-2022/21105/vote
Mock Democratic Primary: https://app.rankedvote.co/elections/20546/Mock-VT-Democratic-Primary-2022/21108/vote

Finished Voting?

Please read a few notes about our mock election …

  • In the actual Vermont primary election, voters will additionally have the choice to select a Progressive Party ballot, but because that primary only has one declared candidate for U.S. House and Senate, we did not include that in this exercise.
  • This election was conducted with RankedVote.co – we used technology to prevent multiple votes from the same device in the same location being counted more than once. In an effort to make this exercise as open and accessible to everyone, we did not put in place any other limitations to potentially prevent people from voting more than once.
  • The voters in this election are self-selected – they do not necessarily represent a representative sample of the Vermont electorate.
  • This is not the actual Vermont primary! We strongly encourage eligible Vermont voters to participate in the Vermont primary (which will be plurality-winner-take all) either in-person at their polling place on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 or early in-person at their town clerk’s office or via mail by requesting a mail ballot at https://mvp.vermont.gov/
  • Finally, your votes in this mock election are anonymous. We did not and are not tracking individual voters. But if you’re interested in learning more about Ranked Choice Voting and being part of our campaign to bring this voting reform to Vermont, consider adding your information below and including a short line or two about how you felt about using Ranked Choice Voting in this mock election.
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