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Senator Tim Ashe Chittenden DistrictDemocrat/Progressive100%
Senator Becca Balint Windham DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Philip Baruth Chittenden DistrictDemocrat/Progressive100%
Senator Joe Benning Caledonia DistrictRepublican36%
Senator Christopher Bray Addison DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Randy Brock Franklin DistrictRepublican36%
Senator Brian Campion Bennington DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Alison Clarkson Windsor DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Brian Collamore Rutland DistrictRepublican20%
Senator Ann Cummings Washington DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Ruth Hardy Addison DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Cheryl Hooker Rutland DistrictDemocrat/Progressive100%
Senator Debbie Ingram Chittenden DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Jane Kitchel Caledonia DistrictDemocrat82%
Senator Virginia "Ginny" Lyons Chittenden DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Mark A. MacDonald Orange DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Dick Mazza Grand Isle DistrictDemocrat80%
Senator Dick McCormack Windsor DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator James McNeil Rutland DistrictRepublican44%
Senator Alice W. Nitka Windsor DistrictDemocrat91%
Senator Corey Parent Franklin DistrictRepublican27%
Senator Christopher A. Pearson Chittenden DistrictProgressive/Democrat100%
Senator Andrew Perchlik Washington DistrictDemocrat/Progressive100%
Senator Anthony Pollina Washington DistrictProgressive/Democrat100%
Senator John Rodgers Essex-Orleans DistrictDemocrat56%
Senator Dick Sears Jr.Bennington DistrictDemocrat88%
Senator Michael Sirotkin Chittenden DistrictDemocrat100%
Senator Robert Starr Essex-Orleans DistrictDemocrat56%
Senator Richard Westman Lamoille DistrictRepublican70%
Senator Jeanette K. White Windham DistrictDemocrat100%