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Rep. Janet Ancel Washington-6Democrat100%
Rep. Peter Anthony Washington-3Democrat100%
Rep. Sarah "Sarita" Austin Chittenden-9-2Democrat100%
Rep. Robert Bancroft Chittenden-8-3Republican45%
Rep. John L. Bartholomew Windsor-1Democrat100%
Rep. Lynn Batchelor Orleans-1Republican36%
Rep. Christopher Bates Bennington-2-1Democrat82%
Rep. Scott Beck Caledonia-3Republican36%
Rep. Matthew Birong Jr.Addison-3Democrat91%
Rep. Thomas Bock Windsor-3-1Democrat100%
Rep. Patrick Brennan Chittenden-9-2Republican36%
Rep. Timothy Briglin Windsor-Orange-2Democrat100%
Rep. Nelson Brownell Bennington-1Democrat91%
Rep. Cynthia Browning Bennington-4Democrat70%
Rep. Jessica Brumsted Chittenden-5-2Democrat100%
Rep. Thomas Burditt Rutland-2Republican36%
Rep. Mollie S. Burke Windham-2-2Progressive100%
Rep. R. Scott Campbell Caledonia-3Democrat100%
Rep. William Canfield Rutland-3Republican36%
Rep. James Carroll Bennington-2-2Democrat100%
Rep. Seth Chase Chittenden-9-1Democrat100%
Rep. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman Rutland-BenningtonProgressive100%
Rep. Annmarie Christensen Windsor-2Democrat100%
Rep. Kevin "Coach" Christie Windsor-4-2Democrat100%
Rep. Brian Cina Chittenden-6-4Progressive/Democrat100%
Rep. Sara Coffey Windham-1Democrat100%
Rep. Selene Colburn Chittenden-6-4Progressive100%
Rep. Harold "Hal" Colston Chittenden-6-7Democrat100%
Rep. Peter Conlon Addison-2Democrat100%
Rep. Charles Conquest Orange-CaledoniaDemocrat100%
Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas Orange-2Democrat100%
Rep. Timothy R. Corcoran IIBennington-2-1Democrat73%
Rep. Mari Cordes Addison-4Democrat100%
Rep. Lawrence Cupoli Rutland-5-2Republican36%
Rep. Carl Demrow Orange-1Democrat90%
Rep. Eileen Dickinson Franklin-3-2Republican33%
Rep. Katherine "Kari" Dolan Washington-7Democrat100%
Rep. Anne B. Donahue Washington-1Republican60%
Rep. Johannah Donovan Chittenden-6-5Democrat100%
Rep. David Durfee Bennington-3Democrat100%
Rep. Caleb Elder Addison-4Democrat100%
Rep. Alice M. Emmons Windsor-3-2Democrat100%
Rep. Peter J. Fagan Rutland-5-1Republican36%
Rep. Charen Fegard Franklin-5Democrat82%
Rep. Martha Feltus Caledonia-4Republican45%
Rep. Robert ForguitesWindsor-3-2Democrat100%
Rep. Marianna Gamache Franklin-4Republican27%
Rep. John Gannon Windham-6Democrat100%
Rep. Marcia Gardner Chittenden-1Democrat91%
Rep. Dylan Giambatista Chittenden-8-2Democrat100%
Rep. Diana Gonzalez Chittenden-6-7Progressive100%
Rep. Kenneth Goslant Washington-1Republican40%
Rep. Maxine Grad Washington-7Democrat100%
Rep. Rodney Graham Orange-1Republican40%
Rep. James Gregoire Franklin-6Republican50%
Rep. Sandy Haas Windsor-RutlandProgressive100%
Rep. Lisa Hango Franklin-5Republican45%
Rep. James Harrison Rutland-Windsor-1Republican55%
Rep. Nader Hashim Windham-4Democrat100%
Rep. Robert Helm Rutland-3Republican30%
Rep. Mark Higley Orleans-LamoilleRepublican36%
Rep. Matthew Hill Lamoille-2Democrat89%
Rep. Mary S. Hooper Washington-4Democrat100%
Rep. Philip Jay Hooper Orange-Washington-AddisonDemocrat100%
Rep. Robert Hooper Chittenden-6-1Democrat100%
Rep. Lori Houghton Chittenden-8-2Democrat100%
Rep. Mary E. Howard Rutland-5-3Democrat100%
Rep. Kathleen James Bennington-4Democrat100%
Rep. Stephanie Jerome Rutland-6Democrat100%
Rep. Kimberly Jessup Washington-5Democrat100%
Rep. Benjamin JicklingOrange-Washington-AddisonIndependent57%
Rep. Mitzi Johnson* Grand Isle-ChittendenDemocrat
Rep. John Killacky Chittenden-7-3Democrat100%
Rep. Charles Kimbell Windsor-5Democrat91%
Rep. Warren F. Kitzmiller Washington-4Democrat100%
Rep. Emilie Kornheiser Windham-2-1Democrat100%
Rep. Jill Krowinski Chittenden-6-3Democrat100%
Rep. Robert LaClair Washington-2Republican55%
Rep. Martin LaLonde Chittenden-7-1Democrat100%
Rep. Diane Lanpher Addison-3Democrat100%
Rep. Paul Lefebvre Essex-Caledonia-OrleansRepublican78%
Rep. Felisha Leffler Franklin-7Republican36%
Rep. William J. Lippert Jr.Chittenden-4-2Democrat100%
Rep. Emily Long Windham-5Democrat100%
Rep. Terence Macaig Chittenden-2Democrat100%
Rep. Michael Marcotte Orleans-2Republican50%
Rep. Marcia Martel Caledonia-1Republican38%
Rep. James Masland Windsor-Orange-2Democrat100%
Rep. Christopher Mattos Chittenden-10Republican36%
Rep. Michael McCarthy Franklin-3-1Democrat100%
Rep. Curt McCormack Chittenden-6-3Democrat100%
Rep. Patricia McCoy Rutland-1Republican36%
Rep. James McCullough Chittenden-2Democrat100%
Rep. Francis McFaun Washington-2Republican45%
Rep. Leland Morgan Grand Isle-ChittendenRepublican56%
Rep. Kristi Morris Windsor-3-2Democrat100%
Rep. Mary A. Morrissey Bennington-2-2Republican55%
Rep. Michael Mrowicki Windham-4Democrat100%
Rep. Barbara Murphy Franklin-2Independent73%
Rep. Linda K. Myers Chittenden-8-1Republican55%
Rep. Logan Nicoll Rutland-Windsor-2Democrat100%
Rep. Terry Norris Addison-RutlandIndependent50%
Rep. William Notte Rutland-5-4Democrat91%
Rep. Daniel Noyes Lamoille-2Democrat91%
Rep. John O'Brien Windsor-Orange-1Democrat100%
Rep. Jean O'Sullivan Chittenden-6-2Democrat100%
Rep. Carol Ode Chittenden-6-1Democrat100%
Rep. Woodman Page Orleans-2Republican55%
Rep. Kelly Pajala Windham-Bennington-WindsorIndependent91%
Rep. John Palasik Chittenden-10Republican40%
Rep. Carolyn W. Partridge Windham-3Democrat100%
Rep. Avram Patt Lamoille-WashingtonDemocrat100%
Rep. David Potter Rutland-2Democrat82%
Rep. Ann Pugh Chittenden-7-2Democrat100%
Rep. Constance Quimby Essex-CaledoniaRepublican30%
Rep. Barbara Rachelson Chittenden-6-6Democrat100%
Rep. Zachariah Ralph Windsor-1Progressive90%
Rep. Marybeth Redmond Chittenden-8-1Democrat100%
Rep. Peter Reed Orange-Washington-AddisonIndependent100%
Rep. Lucy Rogers Lamoille-3Democrat91%
Rep. Carl Rosenquist Franklin-1Republican27%
Rep. Brian K. Savage Franklin-4Republican36%
Rep. Robin Scheu Addison-1Democrat100%
Rep. Heidi E. Scheuermann Lamoille-1Republican55%
Rep. Patrick Seymour Caledonia-4Republican45%
Rep. Charles "Butch" Shaw Rutland-6Republican55%
Rep. Amy Sheldon Addison-1Democrat100%
Rep. Laura Sibilia Windham-BenningtonIndependent78%
Rep. Brian Smith Orleans-1Republican36%
Rep. Harvey Smith Addison-5Republican67%
Rep. Trevor Squirrell Chittenden-3Democrat100%
Rep. Thomas Stevens Washington-ChittendenDemocrat100%
Rep. Vicki Strong Orleans-CaledoniaRepublican36%
Rep. Linda Joy Sullivan Bennington-RutlandDemocrat82%
Rep. Mary Sullivan Chittenden-6-5Democrat100%
Rep. Randall Szott Windsor-4-1Democrat91%
Rep. Curt Taylor Chittenden-9-1Democrat91%
Rep. Thomas Terenzini Rutland-4Republican40%
Rep. George W. Till Chittenden-3Democrat100%
Rep. Tristan Toleno Windham-2-3Democrat100%
Rep. Catherine Toll Caledonia-WashingtonDemocrat100%
Rep. Casey Toof Franklin-3-1Republican44%
Rep. Maida Townsend Chittenden-7-4Democrat100%
Rep. Matthew Trieber Windham-3Democrat88%
Rep. Joseph "Chip" Troiano Caledonia-2Democrat100%
Rep. Kelley Tully Windham-3Democrat100%
Rep. Tommy Walz Washington-3Democrat100%
Rep. Kathryn Webb Chittenden-5-1Democrat100%
Rep. Rebecca White Windsor-4-2Democrat100%
Rep. Theresa Wood Washington-ChittendenDemocrat100%
Rep. David Yacovone Lamoille-WashingtonDemocrat100%
Rep. Michael Yantachka Chittenden-4-1Democrat100%
Rep. Samuel Young Orleans-CaledoniaDemocrat91%

*Note: Rep. Mitzi Johnson is the Speaker of the House. The Speaker presides over the House and rarely casts a vote (typically only in cases of tiebreaks or on veto overrides). As such, Speaker Johnson did not cast any votes in any of the roll calls that were used to create this scorecard and therefore has no score.