Vermont’s Bottle Bill is our state’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program.

Thanks to the Bottle Bill, we recycle 85% of covered beverage containers, while only recycling about 36% of other containers. By updating the Bottle Bill to cover additional beverages like bottled water and juices, we can keep an estimated 100 million more bottles and cans out of Vermont’s landfills and off our roadsides every year.

VPIRG is working to expand the Bottle Bill to cover non-carbonated beverages like bottled water, cider, and wine. We are also working towards taking back the unclaimed nickles that go to the beverage industry under current law, and using those funds to improve our universal recycling program.

Latest Bottle Bill News & Updates

Let’s put our unclaimed nickels to work!


Vermont has a history of being a leader when it comes to protecting our environment. We were one of the first states to implement a Bottle Bill, we required manufacturers to tell you when there was mercury in your light bulbs, and now we are moving closer to implementing a statewide universal recycling program called Act ...

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2016 Legislative Preview


The 2016 Vermont legislative session is here! VPIRG is excited to build on the nearly 45 years of success that we have achieved together and continue working in the State House to protect our environment, watch out for consumers and put Vermont on a path to a sustainable future. Click on a program name below to jump ...

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We Won’t Let Coca-Cola Trash Vermont’s Bottle Bill


As a child growing up in southern Vermont I spent many afternoons collecting cans and bottles from friends and neighbors. This was a great way to make a little extra spending money, and to help clean things up a bit. This is an experience I am sure that thousands of Vermonters are personally familiar with ...

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Director’s Note on the 2014 Session


VICTORIES on GMOs, Toxics, Solar, and more! If you support VPIRG because we’re the kind of organization that takes on the tough fights on important issues and gets results, then I have good news for you. Our advocates, organizers, interns and member volunteers just completed one of the most successful legislative sessions in VPIRG’s 42 year history. ...

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2014 VPIRG Legislative Accomplishments

VPIRG Canvass team and staff celebrate victory.

VPIRG took on some of the nation’s most powerful corporate interests in the 2014 legislative session, and we won! From landmark legislation requiring GMO foods to be labeled to expanding opportunities for Vermont families to go solar, this was an incredible year. We also helped to pass a new law that will help protect kids ...

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Vermont’s Bottle Bill is Safe and Sound

Dog with plastic bottle

Its official- this Tuesday Bennington Senator Bob Hartwell asked legislative council to remove provisions from Senate Bill S. 208 that otherwise would have weakened Vermont’s Bottle Bill. The proposed language would have eliminated the 15 cent deposit on liquor bottles, as well as the deposit on any container greater than 1 liter in volume. The changes were ...

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VPIRG and Allies Testify to Protect Vermont’s Bottle Bill

Paul Burns, Web

This morning, VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns testified before the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee to oppose provisions within S.208 that would mean cutbacks to Vermont’s Bottle Bill. His testimony focused on the history of environmental success of the Bottle Bill, as well as the overwhelming popularity of the program with Vermonters. You can ...

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