Turning on your lights, getting to work, staying warm in the winter – these are energy needs shared by all Vermonters.

VPIRG is working to help shift Vermont away from dirty energy and towards clean alternatives. We all know the costs of dirty energy – global warming, health risks, air and water pollution, and an unstable economic future. On top of all that, Vermonters send over a billion dollars out of our local economy every year to pay for fossil fuels, money we could keep working in our state.

The good news is, we have better options available now. To help create a better Vermont for our kids and grandkids, and save Vermonters money over the long run, VPIRG is working to ensure the continued growth of wind and solar in Vermont, improve and expand our clean energy programs, and pass a carbon pollution tax that’s paired with tax cuts and help for Vermonters who want to invest in efficiency and clean energy. We’re also educating Vermonters about the many options they have available right now to cut their energy bills and carbon pollution, from weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to solar power.

Learn more about some of our key campaigns below.

Recent Energy News

In Solidarity with Standing Rock


Please join us on Monday, October 10, 2016 for a rally in solidarity with Standing Rock’s struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and then march to the Vermont Gubernatorial debate to push for a “Clean and Green New Deal” for Vermont. We understand the imperative to prevent the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure. It is ...

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Golden Fleece: VPIRG Decries Waste of Taxpayer Money on Biased ‘Study’


The discovery of a $50,000 allocation buried deep in the state capital bill that was passed by legislators several months ago is stirring up significant controversy today. As first reported by Vermont Public Radio, the nondescript allocation was earmarked for Lyndon State College to purchase sound monitoring equipment. The equipment is to be used by a ...

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Over 1400 Vermonters Petition for Strong Net Metering Program


VPIRG delivered a petition signed by 1412 Vermonters to the Public Service Board on Monday in support of keeping Vermont’s net metering program strong. The petition asked the Board to address the concerns as raised by VPIRG, VNRC, Vermont Conservation Voters and Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility in their July 15th comments regarding the Board’s proposed ...

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Net Metering Rule Would Stall Climate Action; Renewable Energy Progress

groSolar Peterson, Lin & Nancy3

Environmental, climate, and sustainable business groups joined together this week to express grave concern over proposed changes to net metering, the program that allows Vermonters to choose renewable energy.  The diverse organizations are urging the Public Service Board to reconsider its proposed rule as it undermines the State’s commitment to help Vermonter’s increase their self-reliance ...

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S.230 Fixed!

SVRC 11-06 020.2

Late last night the legislature passed a fixed version of the energy siting bill (S.230) previously vetoed by Gov. Peter Shumlin. The new bill (S.260) made four simple clarifications necessary to address the governor’s concerns. VPIRG supports this bill. It will empower towns and regions to take a greater role, and get a greater say, in ...

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Governor Vetoes S.230 – Let’s Fix It!


VPIRG supports Gov. Shumlin’s veto of the energy siting bill (S.230) and we strongly encourage legislators to fix the bill and send it back to the governor this week. We favor the bill that legislators thought they were voting for when they passed it overwhelmingly on the last night of the session. VPIRG wants to see ...

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Energy Siting Bill Passes!


Friday evening, after a flurry of back and forth negotiations between the House and the Senate – S.230, the energy siting bill, finally passed and is heading to the governor’s desk. The result is a bill that will do a lot to empower towns to take on a greater role in Vermont’s clean energy transition while ...

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Highlights from a busy spring


It’s been a crazy few months here at VPIRG, with our advocates have been hard at work in the State House day after day and our team of field organizers doing an incredible job hitting the phones, organizing events, meeting with activists, and having the face-to-face conversations that truly drive our work. Here are just a ...

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