Biotech cartoon 7daysSimply put – the people who profit from them.

Monsanto and other biotech giants have invested millions into protecting their profits, even when it means denying consumers their right to know what’s in the food they buy.

Double Talk

Monsanto and other biotech industry giants claim that their genetically engineered foods are safe. Monsanto has even said they support labeling – in Europe, where labeling is required. In the US – it’s a different story.

Monsanto’s UK Website: “Food labeling. It has Monsanto’s full backing.”

Monsanto’s US Website: “We oppose current initiatives to mandate labeling of ingredients developed from GM seeds.”

Spending Against Labeling

Last year, Monsanto and friends spent $46.7 million in a campaign to kill a California ballot initiative that would have required GMOs to be labeled. Why would they spend so much to deny consumers’ rights to know what’s in their food?

Because GMOs are big business. Monsanto made $13.5 billion last year, in part, by keeping consumers in the dark.

Lobbying for Loopholes

The biotech industry lobbyists succeeded in further limiting oversight of their risky product with a provision included in the must-pass Congressional budget bill. The recently dubbed, “Monsanto Protection Act,” allows them to plant and sell GMO seeds even when a court has said they have to stop.

It’s about time we exercise our right to know and require GMO foods to be labeled.