Strong voter turnout is a cornerstone of the public interest and a healthy democracy.

But despite a strong civic culture, voter turnout in Vermont is actually declining.

2014 — the last “off year”, or non-presidential election year — saw the worst voter turnout in VPIRG’s history. More than 125,000 eligible Vermont voters did not vote. This trend puts our democracy at risk.

And in Vermont, every vote — YOUR vote — really does matter! Razor-thin victory margins in handfuls of races show just how important it is that Vermonters exercise the fundamental right to vote. Moreover, given all the attacks coming from Washington D.C. on our people, planet and democracy, it’s critical that Vermonters turn out to the polls in troves to show that a different path is possible.

That’s why we’ve launched the biggest voter turnout effort in VPIRG’s history!

We’re calling it VPIRG Votes! and we’re hitting the pavement to have face-to-face conversations with members and supporters across the state, with a goal of 100% of our supporters turning out to vote in the 2018 elections.

Take the 2018 Vermont Voter Pledge so we know that we can count on you to cast your vote in the 2018 Election on or before November 6!


GOTV Canvass Coordinator Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities: Recruit volunteers on campus or elsewhere for canvassing days by spreading the word among friends and peers and posting about the opportunity on various facebook outlets Commit to coordinating at least one canvass day of each weekend + Election Day: October 20-21st; Oct 27-28th; Nov 3rd-4th; Nov.…

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Tools for Democracy Launches!

Vermont has a long history of vibrant civic culture and rigorous discourse on important issues. But the mess in Washington D.C. puts the stakes higher than ever, so we must fight back by ensuring that Vermont’s leaders and democratic processes are as accessible, participatory, and transparent as possible. That’s why…

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New Voting Systems in Vermont

In recent years, Vermont has taken huge steps towards making it easier and more accessible to vote. Voter turnout in all elections has been on the rise since 2014, due in part to policies like Election Day voter registration, online voter registration, and automatic voter registration. With the help of…

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