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Sustainers are the lifeblood of VPIRG. As the name implies, they truly do sustain our work and ensure that no matter what happens, VPIRG will be here to stand up to the powerful, big-money special interests and protect the health and well-being of Vermont’s people and environment for years to come.

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Here’s what current VPIRG Sustainers are saying:

Susan Ritz, Montpelier, Sustainer since 2014: “I think VPIRG leads the way in legislative work and they hit on all the issues that are important to me. I got most deeply involved while the work was focused on closing VT Yankee. We all worked really hard to make that campaign a success. It was personal, as I had previously been caught in radiation from Chernobyl when in Germany. That was really frightening, and I didn’t want that to happen again. So that is part of why I was really active in that effort with VPIRG, and in the work to figure out what we could do to replace it. It will hopefully be decommissioned soon and we’ll be having a nice clean river again, and we will get our alternative energy options up-to-speed. VPIRG ‘s work on campaign finance is also something that I’ve fully supported and been really interested in. So it is the campaign finance and clean energy work that’s kept me involved since the early 1990s.”

Why give monthly?

Simply put – becoming a Sustainer is convenient for you, and dependable for VPIRG! By making a gift of $5 per month or more, you know that you’re making an impact every day of every month. It allows us to have a dependable base of support and saves you time, banking fees and paper by cutting out membership reminders and end-of-year renewal notices.

Your support goes further with a monthly gift. Becoming a Sustainer allows you to make a relatively small monthly contribution and still play a major role in protecting Vermont’s air, water, health and people.

At just $5 or more a month (less than the cost of Netflix or Spotify!), you’ll know that you’re making an impact year in and year out.

Sustainers receive a subscription to VPIRG’s newsletter – as well as special monthly Sustainer-only updates. And if you become a Sustainer today, you’ll receive a reusable, sustainable food wrap from our good friends at Bee’s Wrap!


Managing Your Monthly Gift

To update your contact information, modify your recurring gifts, or change your email preferences, you can use your email address to log into our self service portal, or contact our Membership Coordinator at (802) 223-5221 ext. 14 or by email at Please note that at this time ONLY credit card Sustainers can update their payment info via the self service portal; all other requests must be directed to the Membership Coordinator.