At Risk: Vermont Values

We’re facing an unprecedented attack on our air, water and values from Washington as President Trump and Congress are advancing policies that threaten Vermont’s people and environment.

Climate & Energy

Global warming is perhaps the greatest threat that we face, but our science-denying president and Congress have abdicated their responsibility to act. In Vermont, emissions continue to rise and Gov. Phil Scott has pushed for cuts to efficiency and renewables that would move our state backwards.

Environmental Health

Tens of thousands of toxins remain unregulated in the U.S. With federal officials now in the grips of the chemical industry, the problem will only worsen. Here in Vermont, we’ve seen first-hand the tragic consequences of toxic contamination in places like Bennington County and elsewhere.

Consumer Protection

In some ways, the threats that consumers face are greater and more complicated than ever before. Tech, data and telecom giants have tremendous power. And DC is making things worse – by eroding bedrock protections like net neutrality and data privacy rules.

Democracy and Government Reform

Well-funded special interests disproportionately influence elections, public debate and the government’s decision-making process, often drowning out the voice of the general public. In the Trump era, standards around ethics and transparency have plummeted.