How We Move Forward

The time to wait and see is over. We need leaders committed to protecting Vermonters from the outrageous attacks on our people and environment coming from Washington, D.C., and advocating for strong policies that actually move Vermont forward. We leaders who champion bold policies that show a different way is possible – especially on:

Climate & Clean Energy

Vermont is already a leader, but our current actions aren’t enough to reach our goals and fight climate change. We need bold action, including putting a price on carbon and setting a path to 100% renewable energy.

Learn more about all of VPIRG’s climate and clean energy efforts by visiting the clean energy section of our website and the Energy Independent Vermont website.

Environmental Health

Our goal is a Toxic-Free Vermont. This means giving Vermonters more information on the chemicals found in the items they’re using everyday — but it also means banning the worst chemicals and holding responsible the industries that contaminate our communities.

Learn more by visiting the the toxic reform section of our website

Consumer Protection

Vermont could set a standard for digital consumer protection. We’ll fight for policies that ensure every Vermonter has access to fair, open, affordable high speed internet. And we’ll make sure Vermonters are protected online, by pushing for our state to adopt the strongest data protections in the nation.

Learn more by visiting the consumer protection section of our website

Democracy & Government Reform

We believe Vermont should be a benchmark for transparent and open democracy. VPIRG-backed laws have made Vermont a leader for democratic participation. But we need stronger ethics laws, an end to corporate contributions and robust public campaign financing.

Learn more by visiting the government reform section of our website