In 2017, VPIRG went door-to-door organizing Vermonters behind a simple, but powerful idea: that our state must stand up and fight back against the outrageous attacks coming from Washington D.C.

The result? The most successful summer canvass in our 45+ year history.

But Vermonters consistently told us something else — fighting back isn’t enough. We need to move our state forward and show the rest of the nation what’s possible.

Together we can do that. On everything from climate solutions to protecting our drinking water, and from digital privacy to defending our very democracy — VPIRG is not only fighting back, but advocating for bold policies that will make Vermont a beacon in these dark and difficult times.


Bill to Expand Appliance Efficiency Standards Passes First Milestone

Last week, the House Committee on Energy & Technology passed H.410, the bill to expand appliance efficiency standards to products that are not currently covered at the Federal level. The bill passed 7-1 with tripartisan support (see below for the full vote count). The standards included in H.410 would save…

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2018 Legislative Preview

When it comes to serious legislative action to protect our people and environment and move our state forward in a positive fashion, we cannot afford to “wait and see” any longer. We need bold action now. The attacks from D.C. on everything from climate to toxic chemical protections to digital…

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