We are drowning in plastics.

Photo credit: Kevin Krejci via Flickr – Creative Commons

Single-use plastics are a huge source of pollution, not only in Vermont, but worldwide. The so-called “Pacific Garbage Patch,” a giant mass of floating refuse in the middle of the ocean, is now twice the size of Texas. As manufacturers invent new forms of “convenience,” our environment is being sacrificed. Tiny micro-plastics have even started showing up in our digestive tracts.

That’s why VPIRG is launching a ‘Campaign to Stop Single-Use Plastics.’

From bottles to straws, to bags to glitter (yes, glitter), we have lots to do when it comes to stopping single-use plastics. It won’t be easy and we’re up against some incredibly powerful forces, but that’s never stopped us from fighting for what’s right.

Check out our resources to learn more about the threat posed by plastic pollution and how you can take action to make sure Vermont does our part to curb single-use plastics.