Single-use plastic bags are everywhere – and we mean everywhere. They’re littering our roadways, trees, waterways, and killing animals all around the globe.

Americans use 14 billion plastic bags every year, which requires 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. Only 1% of all those plastic bags are ever recycled – meaning 99% end up terrorizing our planet.

We’ve seen lot of support for plastic bag bans – locally here in Vermont, and across the country. Brattleboro has already successfully implemented a bag ban, and other towns around the state are looking to do the same. Meanwhile California, Washington, Seattle, and so many more places around the country have either already taken or are considering taking this crucial step to help protect our planet.

In 2019, VPIRG will be advocating for a statewide plastic bag ban or fee, and working to help guide consumers towards using reusable shopping bags.