Summer Data Assistant

Speedy and accurate typist. Strong attention-to-detail and ability to focus. Passionate about the environment. 

If these describe you, Summer Canvass Data Assistant may be the job for you!

As a member of the Summer Canvass Data Team, you will play an important role in VPIRG’s Campaign to Stop Single-Use Plastics. By ensuring all of the grassroots canvassing information is entered in a timely and accurate way, your work allows us to thank supporters and get them involved in ongoing work, pay and manage canvass staff with the best information, and monitor our progress toward daily, weekly and summer goals. You will be supervised by the Data Coordinator, with additional support from the Associate Director and Data Manager.

The Data Assistant(s) will be responsible for the following:

  • Manually entering canvass result information, including contribution and support results, onto the spreadsheet provided in an accurate and efficient manner.
  • Assisting the Data Coordinator in the organization and entry of canvasser payroll information.
  • Providing other administrative help at the direction of the Data Coordinator

The position is a part-time, seasonal non-exempt position, with hours varying based on need and availability. Flexible scheduling is available. Assistants who are available for the Summer Camping Week in Windham County from July 8-11 will have the potential to have 40 hours available to them for that week, and will have travel provided, and/or the ability to receive mileage reimbursement for the week.

Candidates for the position must have familiarity with Microsoft Excel and/or other equivalent data spreadsheet programs, excellent typing skills and strong attention to detail. The Assistant will use technology provided by VPIRG, and will work at the Burlington Office. Assistants are paid $11.50 Per Hour.

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