Apply to be an Assistant Canvass Director!

We’re hiring! Apply to be an Assistant Canvass Director for the VPIRG 2022 Summer Canvass.

Application deadline: Saturday, November 13th, 2021

Instructions to Apply: Email Summer Canvass Director, Sam McGinty, at with a resume and cover letter that outlines why you make a strong candidate and the top three AD realms (outlined below) that you believe you’d be most suited to lead and why.

As a VPIRG Assistant Canvass Director (or “AD”) you are responsible for managing and training staff, directing specific canvass realms, maintaining a high level of personal canvassing, and helping lead the office to meet ambitious campaign and fundraising goals.

You set the example for the office both in performance and attitude. As a staff manager, you must establish open, direct, and regular communications in the office. Your canvassing requirements will depend on experience, role, and Oversight Director discretion, and you are expected to set a high bar for individual fundraising performance. With a high-quality group of directors, VPIRG will build the grassroots support we need to win public interest victories, while developing a talented cadre of activists to fuel the movement for environmental and social justice.


An AD has many responsibilities, the most significant being the effective management of staff and focus and execution of their realms.  Here are some qualities that make a successful VPIRG AD:

  • Exemplary leadership ability – ability to inspire, motivate, and hold accountable all office staff.
  • Trustworthy and accountable.
  • Open, honest, and direct communicator.
  • Ability to address, solve, and take responsibility for problems.
  • Well-organized and detail oriented.
  • Self-starter – able to identify problems and create solutions.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Excellent fundraising skills.
  • Team player willing to be nimble and get done what needs to get done.
  • Knowledge of and affinity for VPIRG, canvassing and environmental issues.
  • Commitment to developing cultural competency skills and creating an inclusive office culture.

Additional information below: