Vermont’s Bottle Bill is our state’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program.

Thanks to the Bottle Bill, we recycle 85% of covered beverage containers, while only recycling about 36% of other containers. By updating the Bottle Bill to cover additional beverages like bottled water and juices, we can keep an estimated 100 million more bottles and cans out of Vermont’s landfills and off our roadsides every year.

VPIRG is working to expand the Bottle Bill to cover non-carbonated beverages like bottled water, cider, and wine. We are also working towards taking back the unclaimed nickles that go to the beverage industry under current law, and using those funds to improve our universal recycling program.

Latest News

VPIRG and Allies Testify to Protect Vermont’s Bottle Bill

This morning, VPIRG Executive Director Paul Burns testified before the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee to oppose provisions within S.208 that would mean cutbacks to Vermont’s Bottle Bill. His testimony focused on the history of environmental success of the Bottle Bill, as well as the overwhelming popularity of the…

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2014 Legislative Priorities: Environmental Health

Protection from Untested Toxic Threats Every day, Vermonters are exposed daily to toxic chemicals because the federal government doesn’t require chemicals to be tested before they end up in the everyday products in your home.  Meanwhile, rates of health problems linked to chemical exposure—including cancer, infertility, asthma, learning disabilities —…

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Join us on Saturday, November 9th, for the Vermont Environmental Summit

Do you want to be part of the solution to our most pressing environmental problems? The Environmental Summit is your chance to join like-minded individuals and organizations for a day of inspiring speakers and energizing workshops. Register at

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