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VPIRG is committed to building a universal health care system that is affordable, patient-centered, and reflects our shared values as a community.
Vermont took its first concrete steps toward this goal with the passage of Act 48 in May of 2011. The journey continues this year, as state leaders focus on controlling costs and using the federal health care law as a stepping stone to Green Mountain Care (GMC). Once fully implemented, GMC will serve every Vermonter – and become the first truly universal health care system in the nation. And unlike anywhere else in the country, we have the political will and public support to make it happen.
VPIRG is working closely with partners, legislative leaders and Governor Shumlin’s administration to make sure Vermont takes advantage of this historic opportunity. We’ll be keeping this site updated with the latest news and resources and how you can get involved to make health care reform happen.
 Act 48: Vermont’s health care law that put us on track to become the first state with universal health care. May 2011
The Hsiao Report: The blueprint for Vermont’s universal health care developed by Harvard economist Dr. William Hsiao. Feb. 7th 2011
UMass Wakely Financing Report: describes the possible mechanisms to pay for Vermont’s universal health care system Green Mountain Care. January 24 th 2013
 Consensus estimates for cost of Green Mountain Care: a consensus estimate for the cost of Green Mountain Care developed by the Joint Fiscal Office. Feb. 6th 2014
Watch Dogging Reform

With member support we have helped cut insurance rate hikes, and required insurers to report how often they are denying Vermonters health care claims. You can help us continue in this work by sharing your story so we can bring your voice to the state’s decision makers.

brush your teeth_photo credit makelessnoiseDental Health For All
Oral health is unquestioningly an essential part of overall health, yet too often our health care system puts barriers between Vermonters and the dental care they need. VPIRG is working as a leading member of the Vermont Oral Health Care for All Coalition to ensure that all Vermonters have access to high quality affordable dental care.
Vermont Dental Landscape Study: A comprehensive report looking at the state of oral health care in Vermont.
A Global Review of the Literature on Dental Therapists: A comprehensive review of the literature on mid-level dental providers from around the world.