Making government more open, responsive to, and reflective of ordinary citizens.

Narrow special interests disproportionately influence elections, public debate, and the government’s decision-making process, often drowning out the voice, subverting the will, and harming the interest of the general public. VPIRG is working for a more participatory and inclusive democracy: in favor of government transparency and integrity, against big money politics, and for more fair and accessible elections.

Latest Elections & Government Reform News

VT State Senate Votes to Ban Corporate Campaign Contributions

Just yesterday, in a big win for Vermont’s democracy, the state Senate officially voted to prohibit corporations from making direct contributions to political candidates in the state. This bill, S.47, introduced by Senators Pearson and Pollina, will be key to getting big money out of our political system – and it’s now up to our ...

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80+ No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge signers win in VT election

The results of this year’s midterm elections are in and there were many big wins for the health of Vermont’s families, environment and democracy in the mix — from the election of outspoken public interest champions to the passage of progressive local ballot measures. Leading up to the election, we were proud to have recruited more ...

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VPIRG Votes helps drive historic voter turnout

Conventional wisdom suggested that 2018 would be another year of very low voter participation in Vermont. After all, we didn’t have hot races for the US Senate or House, and in the last non-presidential election year – 2014 – Vermont experienced its worst voter turnout in more than 50 years. Boy did conventional wisdom get it ...

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Early Voting Surges in Vermont

Town Clerks all around Vermont have been excited to report that there has been a surge of early voting in the state, with over 17,000 Vermonters already having voted. With the upcoming Midterm elections on November 6th, Vermonters are submitting their ballots in a variety of ways — including voting by mail and early voting ...

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VPIRG’s Fall Canvass Gets Out the Vote

For the past few weekends, canvassers have been traveling all around Vermont engaging in conversations with Vermonters about the importance of voting. With election season here, VPIRG knows that it’s more important than ever to get folks thinking about how and when they’re going to vote. This is why VPIRG’s canvassers aren’t only having conversations ...

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VPIRG introduces its Vermont Voter Toolkit!

With election season right around the corner, we realize that all the information about voting along with all the promotion and campaigning done by candidates can be overwhelming, especially when trying to stay active and informed in your community. To help Vermonters see through the commotion that comes before Election Day on November 6th, VPIRG has ...

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VT Candidates Take No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge

Now more than ever, Vermonters need elected officials who are willing to take bold action towards reducing our dependence on dirty energy and fossil fuels. Despite broad consensus that we must transition away from dirty fossil fuels, Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. From reduced snowfall, to extreme weather events and increased energy costs, ...

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GOTV Canvass Coordinator Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities: Recruit volunteers on campus or elsewhere for canvassing days by spreading the word among friends and peers and posting about the opportunity on various facebook outlets Commit to coordinating at least one canvass day of each weekend + Election Day: October 20-21st; Oct 27-28th; Nov 3rd-4th; Nov. 6th For each day of Canvass Coordinating: Come in 2 ...

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