GOTV Canvass Coordinator Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Recruit volunteers on campus or elsewhere for canvassing days by spreading the word among friends and peers and posting about the opportunity on various facebook outlets
  • Commit to coordinating at least one canvass day of each weekend + Election Day:
    • October 20-21st; Oct 27-28th; Nov 3rd-4th; Nov. 6th

For each day of Canvass Coordinating:

  • Come in 2 hours early before the canvass to help cut turf, organize volunteers’ days, train newer people, help with general preparation and coordinating logistics for the day.
  • If necessary, confirm canvassers on the morning of who have not been already
  • Stay at the King Street office up to one hour after the canvass and record all of the data from the day into the database.
  • Help Canvass Directors with other miscellaneous tasks or logistical challenges  as necessary

Hours Expected:


  • 10AM-12 PM – Prep and Travel
  • 12AM-5PM – Volunteer Canvass (unpaid)
  • 5PM-6PM – Data Entry
  • Plus up to 1 hour of off-time recruitment

= up to 4 paid hours at $12.25/hour