Putting people ahead of profits and standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of all Vermonters.

From fighting against misleading food labeling and abusive credit card fees to advocating for an internet that is accessible, fair, and secure for all Vermonters, VPIRG is dedicated to pushing for laws and regulations that better protect the consumer and ensure that Vermont is a desirable, safe, and economically vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family. .

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Recent Consumer Protection News

Memo: Constitutionality of Labeling GMOs

Vermont Law School’s Environment and Natural Resources Law Clinic assembled the following thorough memorandum on the constitutionality of labeling genetically engineered foods. Click here to view the memo.

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Director’s Note on the 2014 Session

VICTORIES on GMOs, Toxics, Solar, and more! If you support VPIRG because we’re the kind of organization that takes on the tough fights on important issues and gets results, then I have good news for you. Our advocates, organizers, interns and member volunteers just completed one of the most successful legislative sessions in VPIRG’s 42 year history. ...

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2014 VPIRG Legislative Accomplishments

VPIRG took on some of the nation’s most powerful corporate interests in the 2014 legislative session, and we won! From landmark legislation requiring GMO foods to be labeled to expanding opportunities for Vermont families to go solar, this was an incredible year. We also helped to pass a new law that will help protect kids ...

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GMO Labeling Becomes Law!

May 8th was a great day in Montpelier! Governor Shumlin signed Vermont’s GMO labeling bill into law making Vermont the first state that will require labels on genetically engineered foods. The law will require labels on genetically engineered foods (also called genetically modified organisms, or GMOs) sold at retail outlets in Vermont, and will go in ...

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Vermont Passes GMO Labeling!

After years of hard work and dedicated action Vermont’s GMO labeling Bill has passed both the House and Senate! Today members of the VT House of representatives voted 114 to 30  to concur with the Senate version of the bill and to pass H.112. This nation leading “no strings attached” GMO labeling policy now heads to Governor ...

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VT Senate officially passes Vermont’s GMO labeling bill (H.112) 28 to 2!

Following initial approval, the Senate has officially passed Vermont’s GMO labeling bill (H.112) 28 to 2! Click here to view the final vote results and see how your Senator voted! This historic vote moves Vermont ever closer to becoming the first state to require labels on the GMO foods. Again, the bill will now head to the ...

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Vermont Senate Approves GMO Labeling Bill!

Earlier today the Vermont Senate made history by giving preliminary approval to the nation’s first GMO labeling bill that does not rely on other states to go in to effect. The bill now needs final approval from the Senate before the House of Representatives will decide if they will accept the Senate’s bill, or form ...

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GMO Labeling Front and Center at Free Cone Day!

This Tuesday the VPIRG and Rural VT intern team and Slow Food UVM took part of one of the best days of the year- Ben and Jerry’s free cone day! The Rural Vermont outreach team set up at the downtown Burlington Scoop Shop, while VPIRG and Slow Food talked to ice cream-hungry students at the UVM ...

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