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From fighting against misleading food labeling and abusive credit card fees to advocating for an internet that is accessible, fair, and secure for all Vermonters, VPIRG is dedicated to pushing for laws and regulations that better protect the consumer and ensure that Vermont is a desirable, safe, and economically vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family. .

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Recent Consumer Protection News

Federal spending bill rejects anti-GMO labeling push!

In a win for the 90% of Americans who support labeling GMO products, the federal spending bill released this morning not only rejected industry’s push for anti-labeling language, but included a provision requiring labeling for genetically engineered salmon! This puts Vermonters another huge step closer to seeing labels on GMO foods next summer. The biotech and ...

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Will backroom deals trump your right to know?

Right now Congress is trying to finish up their business before they head home for the holidays. The one thing that the biotech industry and junk food giants have on the top of their wish list is for Congress to pass legislation that will stop Vermont’s GMO labeling law from going into effect. Right now ...

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There is Trouble in Toyland

Read the 2015 Trouble in Toyland report to help you avoid potentially hazardous toys. For the past 30 years, US PIRG Education Fund and Vermont Public Interest Research and Education Fund have conducted an annual survey of toy safety, which has led to over 150 recalls and other regulatory actions and has helped educate the public ...

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VPIRG, 3 others file brief in support of GMO labeling law

Four Vermont groups filed an amicus curiae brief Monday with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Vermont’s genetically engineered (GE) food labeling law. Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG), Cedar Circle Farm, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) and Rural Vermont were instrumental in passing Act 120, Vermont’s labeling law, and ...

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Neil Young pledges $100,000 to help Vermont Label GMOs

When Neil Young’s Rebel Content Tour came to Vermont they wanted to do more than just rock, they wanted to make sure Vermonters will know if their food is genetically engineered. In a backstage pre-show press conference Young joined Governor Shumlin to promote Vermont’s law and pledge $100,000 to support the law’s defense and implementation. In ...

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New Report Exposes Food Industry Spin Machine

As Americans become more conscious of what’s in the food they are eating and feeding their families, industrial food and chemical producers have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a public relations campaign to confuse consumers and drive the media narrative about their products. These are the findings from a new report issued by ...

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Rent-to-own bill clears legislature

With a few days left in the 2015 legislative session the Vermont legislature passed significant legislation to protect consumers in rent-to-own transactions. The rent-to-own industry rents goods such as electronics, furniture and appliances to customers with little to no money down at greatly inflated prices. These services allow customers to pay top shelf prices on items, ...

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Vermont Wins Round One of GMO Labeling Lawsuit

On Monday Judge Christina Reiss rejected a motion from corporate food and chemical companies asking Vermont to stop implementation of the state’s GMO labeling law. The judge also dismissed a number of the plaintiffs’ claims including assertions that the law violates the commerce clause and was expressly preempted by federal law. Possibly the most important aspect ...

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