1) Contact Your Senator(s)

In 2011, after many months of work and a tremendous amount of public input, the state adopted a plan calling for 90% of our energy needs (electricity, heating and transportation) to be met with renewable resources by 2050.  This future is now in jeopardy as S.201 would make it significantly more difficult for the state to meet that goal.

Click here to find out more and contact your senator(s). Urge them to vote NO on S.201 and support clean energy!

2) Tell us why you like Wind

Wind is an important part of Vermont’s clean energy future.¬†Take a second to let us know why you like wind power. These comments will be used to illustrate why so many Vermonters overwhelmingly support the development of clean, local, renewable energy like wind here in the state. Your voice is critical!

Why do YOU support wind power for Vermont?