VPIRG is working to hold corporate owners accountable for the clean-up of the contaminated site and for the safe closure of Vermont Yankee.

After years of hard work, Vermont Yankee is set to close at the end of 2014. VPIRG pushed the Public Service Board for the state of Vermont to have a greater voice in the decommissioning process. Entergy has announced that cleaning up Vermont Yankee could cost $1.24 billion, and now estimates that the plant will sit idle for two decades before the process begins.

The good news is that the troubled plant will not be producing more radioactive waste in the mean time, and the highly dangerous fuel rods will be removed from the storage pool and put into safer dry cask storage. There remain a number of areas in which the State, through the Public Service Board, will have an opportunity to shape the decommissioning process, and VPIRG will work to watch-dog the next phase of Vermont Yankee’s life.

The Latest Vermont Yankee News & Updates

Is Ethan Allen Institute Trying To Hide Its Climate Denying History?

The “Vermont Legislator Roll Call Profiles” published by the Ethan Allen Institute on Tuesday had at least one notable omission: the 25-5 roll call vote on Senate Resolution 7 recognizing climate change science. This omission leads us to ask, “What’s EAI afraid of?” The Ethan Allen Institute has a documented history of denying climate change and ...

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VPIRG Statement On the Closing of Vermont Yankee

It’s possible that no single issue has received more attention from VPIRG staff, activists and attorneys over the past 42 years than Vermont Yankee. In fact, VPIRG was founded in 1972, the same year that Vermont Yankee came online. From the beginning, VPIRG has advocated for less costly and more sustainable ways to generate the power ...

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News Release: Environmental Advocates, Businesses and Low-Income Groups Launch Campaign for an Energy Independent Vermont

BARRE, VT— Vermont could dramatically reduce its climate pollution while improving the state’s economy and growing jobs, according to a new economic study released today by a diverse coalition of environmental, business and low-income groups. The benefits would be achieved by putting a price on carbon pollution and returning the revenue to Vermont citizens, businesses ...

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Vermont Yankee Hearing Near You

The Public Service Board (PSB) is deliberating about whether to grant Vermont Yankee a Certificate of Public Good for the next year.  One thing’s for sure: We can’t let afford to let Entergy delay cleaning up the Vernon site.  And the Board wants to hear from you! Starting at 7pm, public hearing will broadcast at live ...

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VPIRG proposes conditions to PSB

The Public Service Board (PSB) is considering whether to grant Entergy a CPG for the next year. As >recent stories in the media have exposed, the PSB has some tough questions about the proposed agreement. There are no easy answers and no perfect solutions here. The fact is, the state has limited power over Entergy and ...

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VPIRG’s legal brief to the Public Service Board

Time and time again, VPIRG has exposed how Entergy regularly fails to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  In the wake of Entergy’s decision to go public with its decision to close Vermont Yankee, the take-away point of a recent memo from VPIRG’s legal team rings especially true. Entergy’s adamant that ...

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Vermont Yankee is Closing!

Vermont Yankee is officially closing in 2014! VPIRG will be working with our partners to make certain that Entergy pays for the cleanup and fully restores our land so that it’s safe for future generations. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the campaign to retire VY and transition Vermont toward a clean energy ...

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