Reducing and Electrifying your Energy Demand

A critical step in the process of moving away from polluting fossil fuels is using less energy across every aspect of the energy spectrum: electricity, heating, and transportation. Vermont has been a leader in our electric efficiency efforts – in particular through our first-in-the-nation statewide efficiency utility model that created Efficiency Vermont. Vermont has also been a leader in transitioning our electricity supply from fossil fuel power plants to renewable energy.

Right now, depending on your utility, anywhere from 55-100% of your electricity is from renewable sources. As that percentage increases, as it is required to by Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard, we can simultaneously accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels for transportation and heating by switching to electric solutions like cold climate heat pumps and electric cars and buses. Even better, these technologies aren’t just capable of being powered by renewable electricity – they’re often so efficient that simply making the switch reduces your total energy use, even when taking into account the energy needed to produce the electricity they use.

Learn more: see our Energy Efficiency and Electrification FAQ.

Efficiency and electrification are win-wins for Vermont’s environment and Vermonters’ pocketbooks. Using less energy overall saves money and keeps fossil fuel pollution out of Vermont’s air.

Vermont has led the nation through statewide policy encouraging energy efficiency and electrification, but there’s plenty more to do. Here are some top policies and priorities for the future:

Vermont Energy Innovation Program: As part of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (the law that requires utilities to get an increasing percentage of their electricity from renewable sources), utilities are required to support their customers’ transition off of fossil fuels for heating and transportation by providing incentives for heat pumps, weatherization, and electric vehicles. Utilities have already begun this important work, and we need to ensure that it continues so that all Vermonters can benefit from moving quickly away from polluting energy sources. Learn more and take action.

Volkswagen Settlement & Electric Buses: Following Volkswagen’s deceptive emissions practices, the Department of Justice has reached a nearly $4 billion settlement with the company. Part of that settlement includes funds for state projects to get dirty fossil fuel vehicles off the roads. Vermont will get almost $19 million through this settlement, which could go a long way to kickstarting a transportation transformation to electric vehicles. We’re advocating for the state to focus that investment on electric school buses, and car charging stations. Learn more and take action. 

Efficiency Utilities: In 2000, Vermont regulators created an unprecedented efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont. Today, Efficiency Vermont, along with the other efficiency utilities, Burlington Electric Department, and Vermont Gas, helps educate and incentivize Vermonters and Vermont businesses to reduce their energy use. In order to transition away from fossil fuels and reduce our energy consumption overall, it’s critical that we continue to fund these efficiency programs that reduce electric bills for all Vermonters. Opponents have repeatedly attempted to cut their budget, and we expect more of the same in the future.

Weatherization: Vermont has a goal of weatherizing 80,000 homes by 2020, including 20,000 low-income homes. Unfortunately, despite the good work of Community Action Programs, Efficiency Vermont, and other organizations, we are falling far short of that goal. Weatherizing Vermont’s aging housing stock requires upfront funding, and will save Vermonters energy and money over time. There have been attempts to cut funding for heating efficiency as well, something VPIRG and our allies have consistently beat back.

Want to learn more? Our Energy Efficiency and Electrification FAQ goes into much more detail.

Check out the latest on our efficiency and electrification campaigns below.

Recent Efficiency and Electrification News

VPIRG Signs On to Transportation Electrification Accord

In November 2017, VPIRG signed onto the Transportation Electrification Accord along with a broad array of organizations and businesses committed to an equitable, prosperous and electrified transportation future. Among other principles, the Accord recognizes that electric vehicles (both light duty and heavy duty) can “advance economic development, create jobs, provide grid services, integrate more renewable energy, and ...

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VPIRG joins broad new transportation advocacy coalition

What if we could improve our children’s health and our communities’ bottom lines while increasing access to transportation options that are affordable and better for our environment? We believe it is possible, and that is why we’ve joined Transportation for Vermonters, a broad new transportation coalition. As part of the T4VT coalition, VPIRG will be ...

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National Conference of State Legislators Passes Resolution Supporting Appliance Efficiency Standards

On Monday August 7th, the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) passed with broad bipartisan support a resolution (starts pg. 42) urging Congress to fully fund the Department of Energy’s (DOE) appliance efficiency standards program. The resolution, which passed with broad bipartisan support, was sponsored by Vermont Representative Curt McCormack (Chittenden-6-3), who co-chairs the NCSL ...

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Commission Rejects Scott Administration’s Proposed Efficiency Cut

On Friday, July 7th, the Public Utility Commission (PUC), formerly known as the Public Service Board, rejected the Scott Administration’s recommendation of an 8% cut to Efficiency Vermont’s budget. Instead, they chose to adopt the recommendation put forth by the organization that runs Efficiency Vermont, the Vermont Electric Investment Company (VEIC). This is essentially a ...

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Update on potential efficiency cuts

Last week, we reported that the Vermont Senate was considering a proposal by the Administration to raid funds for critical heating efficiency programs to help close the budget gap. VPIRG supporters launched into action, calling their senators and asking them to oppose this idea. We’re happy to report that it looks like this plan has been ...

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