Fighting the climate crisis, repowering Vermont, and saving Vermonters money with local, green energy solutions.

The climate crisis is here now, and it is affecting the quality of life and pocketbooks of Vermonters. More severe storms, deadly heat waves and growing tick populations are just some of the impacts. Since 2006, Vermont has had statutory goals to cut carbon pollution and do our part to combat this global crisis. Unfortunately, we have missed those goals by miles and our greenhouse gas emissions have risen dramatically.

There is a dire need for Vermont – and the world – to reduce the pollution that is warming our planet and threatening a stable, habitable world for young people and future generations. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority of Vermonters are worried about global warming and support a wide range of actions to cut Vermont’s climate pollution. Strong policies must be put in place now to right this course.


To help meet Vermont’s ambitious climate targets and make our state an even better place to live, VPIRG is working to help shift Vermont away from dirty energy and towards clean alternatives. We all know the costs of dirty energy – global warming, health risks, air and water pollution, and an unstable economic future. On top of all that, Vermonters send over a billion dollars out of state – out of the local economy – every year to pay for fossil fuels. That’s money we could be keeping in our state.

The good news is, we have better options available now. To help create a better Vermont for our kids and grandkids, and save Vermonters money over the long run, VPIRG is working to ensure the continued growth of wind and solar in Vermont, improve and expand our electrification and efficiency programs, and put a price on carbon pollution in a way that boosts the local economy and supports Vermonters with low-incomes. We’re also educating Vermonters about the many options they have available right now to cut their energy bills and carbon pollution, from weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to solar power.

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Recent Climate & Energy News

VPIRG Intern Making an Impact

South Burlington resident and soon-to-be Connecticut College senior, Scott Britt, is interning with VPIRG’s Field team this summer.  As a government major, he’s focused on learning how to inform and engage citizens on important issues of the day, from wind energy to the Bottle Bill. Having wasted no time getting his hands dirty, Scott has toured ...

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New Report Sounds the Alarm on Tar Sands Pipeline Scheme in Vermont

Image Courtesy of Crowley Photos

Broad coalition says Vermonters must reject increased pollution and threat of oil spills Montpelier, VT  (June 19, 2012) – A controversial pipeline plan threatens drinking water and more than a dozen beloved natural areas in Central Canada and New England according to a new report released today. A broad coalition of organizations are defying  plans from ...

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VPIRG weighs in on VY Appeal

VPIRG, CLF, NEC and VNRC jointly filed a ‘Friends of the Court’ brief outlining the reasons behind our support of the State’s appeal to overturn the decision of Judge Murtha. Amicus brief available for download.

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2012 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2012 legislative session marked another busy and successful year in advocacy for the public interest. We came into the session with ambitious plans – from taking on the Oil and Gas Industry to ban fracking to initiating a campaign to require GMO labeling to standing up to health insurers and making sure they ...

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Vermont Bans Fracking

The Vermont House of Representatives voted 103-36 today to give final passage to legislation that will make Vermont the first state in the nation to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

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Legislative Updates: In Brief

The end of the legislative session is always lively. While things are changing by the minute, here’s a snapshot of where things stand with the public interest bills on the eve of the session’s close.

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Bill Passed! Now Easier to Power with Renewables

Vermont leaders took another step in the right direction toward our clean energy future. The Vermont House unanimously passed a bill (H.475) that improves the State’s net metering program and makes it even easier for Vermonters to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy.

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