Fighting global warming, repowering Vermont, and saving Vermonters money with local, green energy solutions.

Vermont seems to take climate change seriously. Our legislature set goals to significantly reduce global warming pollution, and we declared “We’re Still In” after Trump abandoned the Paris Climate Accord.

And yet Vermont’s climate pollution has increased 16% since 1990. Why?

The answer is simple. Goals are nice, but without requiring action they don’t result in much.

That’s why VPIRG is working to pass the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act (follow this link to find out more about the GWSA). It’s time to require that Vermont’s government make measurable progress each year toward our climate targets, just as other New England states have done.

To help meet these ambitious targets and make Vermont an even better place to live, VPIRG is working to help shift Vermont away from dirty energy and towards clean alternatives. We all know the costs of dirty energy – global warming, health risks, air and water pollution, and an unstable economic future. On top of all that, Vermonters send over a billion dollars out of state – out of the local economy – every year to pay for fossil fuels. That’s money we could be keeping in our state.

The good news is, we have better options available now. To help create a better Vermont for our kids and grandkids, and save Vermonters money over the long run, VPIRG is working to ensure the continued growth of wind and solar in Vermont, improve and expand our clean energy programs, and put a price on carbon pollution in a way that boosts the local economy and supports Vermonters with low-incomes. We’re also educating Vermonters about the many options they have available right now to cut their energy bills and carbon pollution, from weatherization to cold climate heat pumps to solar power.

Learn more about some of our key climate & energy campaigns below:

Efficiency & Electrification



Carbon Pricing


Recent Climate & Energy News

Cities and Towns to Vote on PACE

By passing PACE, your municipality agrees to let homeowners pay back investments on energy renovations to their homes over time through a separate assessment on their property tax bill. So if your town adopts PACE, and you want to make your home more efficient or install solar panels (for example), you’ll be able to pay ...

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Important Information About Wind and Vermont’s Energy Future

Increasing the use of clean, renewable energy like wind and solar and encouraging conservation and efficiency is the responsible thing to do. Vermont is on the right path now. By the end of 2012 Vermont will get 10% of our electricity from clean, local wind power, helping Vermonters take control of our energy future, keeping ...

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Important Information About Wind and Vermont’s Energy Future

VPIRG continues to show support for the responsible development of wind power in Vermont. Wind, as one of the cleanest and environmentally responsible forms of electricity out there, must play a significant role in our clean energy future. With just the 5 permitted wind projects in the construction phase, or already built, around 58,800 Vermont ...

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Wind must be part of VTs energy future

Countering a group of anti-wind activists gathered at the State House today, Vermont’s largest environmental and consumer advocacy group made clear that responsible development of our state’s renewable wind resources, both large and small, is an essential part of our clean energy future.

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Join the Call for Vermont’s Clean Energy future

In the coming weeks, the legislature is considering taking big steps to realize Vermont’s clean energy future: A strong clean electricity standard that would ensure Vermont gets as much as 80% of our electricity from clean, renewable sources by 2025; An expanded Vermont’s Standard Offer to ensure at least half of the new renewable electricity needed is ...

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Vermont House Passes Clean Energy Bill (H.475)

On Tuesday, the Vermont House of Representatives passed H.475, a VPIRG-backed bill that will streamline the process for Vermonters choosing to power their homes and businesses with solar and other renewable energy sources. This bill strengthens Vermont’s already nation leading renewables legislation, and builds on work VPIRG and our partners did in 2011.

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