VPIRG’s mission is to promote and protect the health of Vermont’s people, environment and locally-based economy by informing and mobilizing citizens statewide.

Fighting the climate crisis, repowering Vermont, and saving Vermonters money with clean energy solutions.

Putting people ahead of profits and standing up to powerful special interests on behalf of all Vermonters.

Making government more open, responsive to and reflective of ordinary citizens.

Eliminating toxins from consumer products, drinking water, and our environment.

Working to dismantle systemic racism to ensure equal rights and treatment are afforded to all Vermonters.

Reducing waste to protect the natural environment that is so central to our ecosystem, economy and way of life.

News & Updates

Health Care 3.0 webinar recording and Q&A

Health Care 3.0 webinar recording and Q&A

Thursday evening’s webinar on Dr. Hsiao’s three proposed health care plans and the future of health care reform in Vermont went incredibly well. Thanks to everyone who made what was our first ever webinar possible, and everyone who called in to get the inside scoop on where health care reform in Vermont is headed.

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Health Care 3.0: What’s next

Health Care 3.0: What's next

On Wednesday January 19th Vermont’s expert consulting team, led by Harvard economist Dr. William Hsiao, will release three design options for the future of health care in our state. On January 20th VPIRG is teaming up with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Families USA and Governor Shumlin’s top health care advisor to give you ...

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Great documentary on the way we deal with E-Waste

The Electronics Take Back Coalition has partnered with Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff team on a new “Story of Electronics” film.  The film tells the story of how electronics are really “designed for the dump” and are not made to last or be recycled.   Follow the link to see all of the amazing work ...

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