With cutting-edge technology that takes energy out of the air and turns it into heat, you can heat your home at a fraction of the cost you’re paying for expensive, fossil-fuel heat today.

The potential for this new technology to be a real game-changer here in Vermont is huge— especially at a time when our state is considering whether to deepen our dependence on fossil fuels, like fracked gas.

Don’t Leave Vermonters Out in the Cold

The State has set a goal of weatherizing 20,000 low-income homes by the year 2020, but we’re still 14,000 homes away from meeting that commitment. While we need to be doing much more to meet Vermont’s efficiency and global warming goals, at a minimum we need to make sure that…

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Help climate with your call!

You might have heard about VPIRG’s effort to weatherize one in four Vermont homes, save Vermonters hundreds of millions of dollars and prevent millions of tons of global warming pollution from being pumped into our atmosphere, all the while creating jobs and growing Vermont’s economy. That plan is on the…

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