Requirements, not goals: VT must act on climate

Vermont seems to take climate change seriously. Our legislature set goals to significantly reduce global warming pollution, and we declared “We’re Still In” after Trump abandoned the Paris Climate Accord.

And yet Vermont’s climate pollution has increased 16% since 1990. Why?

The answer is simple. Goals are nice, but without requiring action they don’t result in much.

That’s why VPIRG is working to pass the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act.

It’s time to require that Vermont’s government make measurable progress each year toward our climate targets, just as other New England states have done.

Required climate goals are a practical and proven success, as states like Massachusetts have found. While Vermont’s emissions have gone up, theirs have gone down.

Want to find out more about the Massachusetts law, passed in 2008? WGBH in Boston has a good rundown here.

Only clear and enforceable limits on climate pollution have the power to protect our families and the places we love. Vermont talks the talk, but it’s well past time it walks the walk.

The Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act can get us back on track to meet our climate goals by:

  • Transforming existing goals into requirements
  • Creating a framework for all climate action
  • Fostering innovation

We need your help to pass the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act now.