Member FAQs

What is a member?

Annual membership is granted to people giving $30 or more per year, and includes a subscription to our newsletter.

Our members are the lifeblood of VPIRG. They are the source of our legitimacy, the vast majority of our funding, and most importantly, our political power.

In short – we’re people-powered, and proud of it!

You make an impact through VPIRG in the State House each year because your legislators know that VPIRG’s advocates are speaking with the voice of more than 50,000 Vermonters from across the state. That’s why every year we commit to knocking on thousands of doors every summer to talk with Vermonters about issues that impact us all.

Thanks to you, we are Vermont’s largest environmental and consumer protection advocacy organization, with members in every single town in Vermont.

Even if you don’t become a member, you can still support VPIRG in other ways. Keep up to date by joining our email list – you’ll have opportunities to take action in your community delivered right to your inbox!

Interested? Click here to donate and become a VPIRG member! 

How can I edit any of my information with VPIRG, or make a change to my monthly gift?

In order to update your account, change the amount you’re giving to VPIRG, or cancel your membership, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Meg Root, at or call (802) 223-5221 ext. 14.

How long will my membership last?

Supporters typically renew their membership every year by making a gift of $30 or more annually. You can do this at any time by making a gift online, mailing us a check at the address below, or calling us at (802) 223-5221

Your Public Interest Partnership will continue indefinitely through your monthly gift until you contact us and request that your gift be stopped.

What is VPIRG’s mailing address?

We can be reached at:

VPIRG, 141 Main St, Suite 6, Montpelier, VT 05602.

Are there other ways to support VPIRG?

Yes, there are lots of ways to support VPIRG! We rely on the 50,000+ members and supporters statewide for the power VPIRG has in the State House and beyond.

You can volunteer, sign our petitions, call your legislators, recruit your neighbors, and vote in local elections. Use the links below to get more information on when, where and how to get involved today!



How can I include VPIRG in my estate planning?

There are many ways to make a leave a legacy at. The simplest way to have a lasting impact is to name VPIRG or VPIREF as a sole or additional beneficiary of your estate through a bequest. Making VPIRG a beneficiary in your will or living trust is a great way to have an impact protecting Vermont’s air, water, health, and people for generations to come.

For more information on making a bequest, please click here.

For additional questions about other ways to leave a legacy at VPIRG, please contact Nellie Marvel, VPIRG’s Development Manager at or (802) 223-5221 ext. 24.

Can I donate stock to VPIRG?

A gift of appreciated stock or other securities is an easy and tax-smart way to support VPIREF – VPIRG’s charitable arm.

VPIREF has a brokerage account with Edward Jones, into which the desired amount of stock can be transferred. For more information, and instructions on how to make a stock gift, please contact Nellie Marvel, VPIRG’s Development Manager at or (802) 223-5221 ext. 24

Is my gift tax-deductible?

VPIRG is a registered 501c(4) organization, and go to fund our advocacy and lobbying activities in the State House. As such, gifts made to this arm of the organization are not tax-deductible. VPIRG does have a charitable arm, though – the Vermont Public Interest Research & Education Fund (VPIREF) – which funds education and outreach efforts across the state. Gifts to VPIREF are tax-deductible.

A gift to either VPIRG or VPIREF will fund our work together protecting Vermont’s public interest, and both are incredibly valuable.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to VPIREF.

If you have accidentally donated to VPIRG, and intended to make a tax-deductible gift to VPIREF (or vice-versa), you can change the arm your gift supports by calling or emailing our Membership Coordinator.

Will I receive an end-of-year tax statement?

Shortly after receiving your gift, you should get either a letter or email from VPIRG acknowledging receipt. This serves as documentation of your gift for tax purposes. However, you can request an additional statement at any time by contacting our Membership Coordinator.

What if I have general questions or need to speak with someone?

We love hearing from you! We are also here to offer support and assist our members whenever possible. Please feel free to contact our Membership Coordinator, Meg Root, at or call (802) 223-5221 ext. 14. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00.

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe or change my email address?

You can subscribe to VPIRG emails and alerts by clicking here. To unsubscribe, please use the link included at the bottom of any of our emails. If you need assistance, or to change any information associated with your account, please contact our Membership Coordinator.