David Fischer, Phonebank Director
David Fischer is the phonebank director. Serving as a Canvass Director for the last two summers, David is an energetic advocate for bold policies to help solve today’s problems. As someone who has been in Vermont since he was two, he grew up making maple syrup on his stove top, skiing, hiking and enjoying the unique beauty of our state. Since his first foray into university level philosophy after his ninth grade year, he knew that change happens with the careful application of abstract ideas to concrete problems. Since then he has sought to move the world around him into the world we need to have, especially as the effects of climate change worsen and big money tightens its grip on our political processes.
Steve J.
Steve grew up in Essex Junction, VT. He attended Essex High School and then went on to study history and play baseball at Castleton University. While in college he discovered VPIRG and has worked here for the past two summers as a canvasser and field manager. He loves the outdoors and the beauty of Vermont and has a passion for fighting to protect the state’s natural beauty and the people who live here. He relishes in the numerous camping trips VPIRG has him going to all over the state in the summer. He also loves to play baseball, hockey, tennis, watch movies, and sing.
Annie M.
Annie is in her third year at the University of Vermont, studying Community Development with concentrations in food systems and statistics. She is extremely passionate about environmental and social justice, as well as ensuring that every person has a voice in our government. She savors any opportunity she gets to get outdoors and explore the natural wonders of Vermont, and she loves that VPIRG gives her the opportunity to talk to folks in some of the most beautiful places in the state.
Emily D.
I’m currently a senior at UVM studying philosophy and history. I love the night sky and critical thinking. I also love the climate, and I think we should do it justice.
Izzy H.
Drew B.
Drew Baker is a junior at UVM, where he studies geology and studio art, and is a member of the varsity track & field team. He is an activist on and off campus, working to promote a more sustainable city in the heart of Vermont. He is passionate about VPIRG because grassroots organizing and student involvement is the most effective route to inspire change. He hopes to one day work as a field geologist to promote and protect safe waterways throughout the New England area.
Sebbi W.
Sebbi has lived in Vermont for all his life. He’s lived in Hyde Park, Morrisville, Elmore, Saxtons River, where he attended Vermont Academy, and finally Burlington when he enrolled at the University of Vermont in 2015. Growing up in Vermont has given him an appreciation for every season, and he hopes to maintain the state’s wonderfully diverse climate. He loves sports of all sorts, playing club rugby for UVM, and going on hikes with his family, friends, and doggo, Finn. He is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Spanish, and is planning to study abroad in Murcia, Spain in the Spring of 2018. VPIRG has given him the opportunity to put his passion for the Vermont’s forests, swimming holes, clean air, and community to action. He hopes to use his powers for good wherever life takes him.
Sarah V.
Hey my names Sarah! I am currently studying Psychology and Statistics at UVM and have worked at VPIRG since the beginning of the Summer. I love being outdoors, eating cheese and hanging out with cats.
Katey B.
I am a senior at the University of Vermont studying Natural Resources Ecology with a minor in Economics. I love music and currently run EXPOSURE at WRUV, which includes interviewing bands and setting up equipment to play live on air. Last summer was my first time canvassing for VPIRG and I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity as it allowed for me to interact with Vermonters and hear multiple perspectives on political issues.
Megan D.
My name is Meg Desmond and I’m a junior at UVM majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. I had the opportunity to join VPIRG’s canvass staff this summer and it was an incredibly impactful experience that affirmed my passion for advocacy and grassroots organizing. I’ve always looked to our environment, and the principles inherent in ecosystem designs, as models for human behavior. From them, we can learn to act resiliently, not to consume more than meets our needs, and to recycle resources. Unfortunately, every day we see our environment being polluted by our own apathy. It is for this reason that I work in environmental advocacy; it may seem like a drastic paradigm shift is the only thing that will bring about change, but once again looking to natural systems we can see that even a small seed can yeild great fruit